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Reintorduction Prior to a Fitness Event

Gracie W

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I am doing the Whole 30 for the first time. I am on day 13 and had two slips in the last 3 days (accidental honey ingestion by taking a sip from the wrong coffee mug/roasting a whole chicken and realizing after the meal that my label reading had stupidly  missed the carrageenan) . It is disappointing to me but to stay true to the program I am thinking of extending it to a Whole 45 so I would have 30 days slip up free.  However, this would put my reintroduction ending only 5 days before my participation in a half marathon. I was wondering if it is a bad idea to be ending reintroduction that close to my event, with the possibility that I could be still recovering from possible reactions....... Any advice on this would be much appreciated. Thanks.

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