Frustrating Grocery Trip- W30 Day 8

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Just need to rant about my frustrating grocery trip. I made sure I ate a full meal beforehand to reduce temptations and had my list. My husband is out of town for work, so I had to bring my son. All of that was fine.

I went to Walmart because I didn't want to drive 45 minutes each way to my preferred store, and I needed other things and thought I could nail it all in one trip. Anyway, they were out of avocado oil, any brand. Out of Arrowroot powder, which I wanted to make sausage gravy for our guests this weekend. Out of the entire 10ftx6ft bacon & sausage display, there was NONE that were compliant with W30. They didn't even have unseasoned ground pork. Then there were no ham hocks or bones for my ham & potato soup. They didn't have many of the brands I've been using since starting my paleo/W30 journey, so I spent a lot of time reading labels. By the end, my son and I were both hungry, I was frustrated & annoyed, and just over it. Spent 1.5 hours there and still had to go to another store to finish shopping.

I know I'm just getting wrapped up in some self pity, but any of my friends would't get why I couldn't get just any bacon or anything else. Just frustrating and needed to dump it somewhere.

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Definitely frustrating. The Whole30 is changing things, slowly but surely. I remember when airports had almost nothing to choose from, even the nuts had non-compliant oils, had to bring my own stuff. The tide is turning. The more we vote with our food dollars for options without junky ingredients, the more that will be produced and sold.


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