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Hard cider should be fine.  This is something where it makes sense to use something that you actually like and will drink in the future to do this reintroduction -- if you like hard cider, use it. If you're really a beer person, you could either look for gluten free beers (I'm not a beer person, I have no idea how they compare taste-wise to regular beer, I just know they exist), or you could put off alcohol until after you've done gluten reintroductions, so at least you know how the gluten affects you, and then you can compare gluten to gluten + alcohol and assume that differences between the two are likely to be because of the alcohol. Basically, alcohol is going to be hard to reintroduce without getting something else in it -- sugar, or sulfites (for wine), or gluten, so just do the best you can. If you really wanted just alcohol and nothing else, something like vodka or rum or whiskey, either by itself, with club soda or water, or in some 100% fruit juice would work -- but if that is not something you'd ever normally drink, don't force yourself to have something you don't like just for a reintroduction. 

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