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Can I have RxBar Hazelnut chocolate?


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I’ve searched and find that most rxbars are whole30 compliant, with a few exceptions, like peanut butter. I just received an order of hazelnut chocolate, which I don’t see on any can have or can’t have list. Ingredients are:

3 eggs whites

8 hazelnuts 

2 cashews 

2 dates 

seens comlliant, but I wanted to be sure. I’ve read the suggestions to stay away from these bars as much as you can while doing whole30.  However, I Often have meeting after meeting with only a couple mites to scarf something down. That’s where these bars would be coming into play   

Thann you!



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They're okay.

Other options for grab-and-go options that could be eaten quickly and are less likely to keep your sugar dragon roaring include compliant jerky or meat bars/sticks (like Epic or Chomps -- check the Whole30 Approved menu option above for other definitely compliant options, or read ingredient labels to see if the ones in stores near you will work), hard boiled eggs, precut vegetables with mayo or guacamole for dipping, precooked chicken or meatballs, a thermos of soup. 

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