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Day 7 - early musings

Lorna from Canada

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This week has flown by - well, most weeks do anyway - time speeds up as we get older. But, I was expecting more of a drag. Yes, there's been some brain fog and low energy and lack of motivation but, overall, this has been a great week.

Today I decided to make a big breakfast since Steven is working from home and I had an early class (to teach) so I generally eat a little later on Wednesdays. My daughter told me about egg sandwiches she had made earlier this week using grated potato and egg yolk bound latkes for the english muffin so I decided to try that. Since I used 2 potatoes, 2 eggs, 4 strips of bacon and an onion, I ended up with 4 sandwiches. Not a lot of food really. Well, despite how amazingly delicious the sandwich was (2 thin, salty, crunchy latkes with a slice of bacon, carmelized onions and a fried egg white in between), I could only eat one. And I was fine with setting the second one aside (we'll see if it's still edible tomorrow morning!) This ALSO happened last night with my marinara covered meat stuffed portobello mushroom from dinner.  Despite its deliciousness, I was full half way through and stopped eating. I stopped eating.

Seriously, I STOPPED eating.


I have a huge appetite and love food. I eat a lot of salad and vegetables as a general rule so I fill up and don't leave the table hungry for more food. I always clean my plate. Despite the veg load, I have a very hard time stopping after I clean my plate - seconds are the norm for me. I can eat a lot of food! hence the struggle with obesity. But today, at breakfast, I stopped eating. It was even a decision, I'd just had enough.

I have never been so sated by a meal before. This is really, really interesting to me. I am writing it here as a way to revisit it as time goes on. I'm also uploading a photo so I don't kid myself into thinking that I stopped eating because it didn't taste good :)



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Hi @mwolfnm

Easy peasy latkes. Grated 1/2 cooked potatos bound with an egg yolk fried in ghee is the basic re ipe. I added carmelized onions for extra zing. I used a ring mold to make them have firm edges so they'd hold together as a sandwich. These were about 1/3 inch thick. 

Let me know if you need more info!

I am finding myself full more often on the W30! Definitely a big NSV.


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