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On my first Whole 30.  Today is day 6.   I’m 65 , healthy female and active.   After feeling pretty crummy since starting I woke up yesterday ready to take on the world!   Had a great busy active day.   But I woke up from a deep sleep last night and literally walked into a wall on my way back to bed from the bathroom.  Didn’t sleep much after that.  My headache is back Nd I’m very cranky.  I have houseguests arriving today and pretty anxious about that I think.    Thought maybe I was on the other side of the struggles. It maybe not.  Ughhhhh.  I’m trying to observe the desires to eat bread, sugar, etc and to step on the scale for affirmation.    Thanks in advance for advice and support all!


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Hi @Fotoladyvb, have you checked out the "timeline?"  Here it is:

Sounds like you're right on track! It's normal to feel tired and cranky early in a W30 - your body is withdrawing from sugar. Keep on keepin on, things will get better.

Also, feel free to post some of your meals because some small adjustments might make a difference in how you're feeling!


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