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Too hard sans planning (Day 4)


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Hi all - I'm finally willing to concede that this is too hard to do without planning. I started Tuesday night (immediately following a doctor's appt) with the impression I could just do this with what I had at home (eggs, proteins, fruit, vegetables) and by being selective when ordering lunch.

Unfortunately that didn't work as (not) planned. My infractions since Tuesday evening:

-- blended banana for late night snack

-- smoked salmon with in my Day 1 & Day 3 breakfasts which I later learned has sugar in the ingredients list. 

-- smoothie with Day 1 breakfast

-- brown sauce with mixed vegetables with shrimp (I specified no soy sauce -- only salt, pepper, garlic, oil) but when it came out I didn't have the heart to return in and I was pretty darned hungry.

-- I fulfilled my late-night TV cravings last night with almonds and a Larabar (all technically compliant but not in the right spirit especially since it was feeding my no-holds late-night snacking dragon)

I need to do this right. 

Unfortunately, that means I might have to start over. 

I've been up since 7am (it's 840am) so I'm definitely hungry and gotta get eating. Eggs, veggies & fruit -- here I come!

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Just think of it as preparing for it - now that you've been mostly compliant for almost a week, when you get fully compliant you're not going to get his with the usual days 1-3 blerghies! 

Planning is definitely the key, but everything you've done so far has been educational and building the foundations for a successful W30 :)

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