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Day 24 - sweet mother of jelly beans - I feel great!!

Lorna from Canada

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Okay - maybe not Tiger Blood but I'm okay to settle with Sri Lankan Rusty-spotted Wildcat blood (yes, I googled that - world's smallest wildcat - you're welcome). I don't have any trouble getting out of bed in the morning (never really have had) but generally flag mid-afternoon and often need a nap. That need has just disappeared during this W30. I've said it before and I'll say it again - my sleep quality on this program is off the charts! I haven't slept this well since my first child was born (and she has kids of her own now so...). So - the extra energy boost in the afternoon is very nice - it brings with it an extra helping of personal motivation too. I feel more inclined to make dinner or to go for a late afternoon walk.

I'm also noticing that my anxiety and depression are being well managed on this diet. I suffer from S.A.D. and, while light therapy helps quite a bit, my S.A.D. makes winter long and unbearable. It just feels different to my brain this year. Hard to describe - kind of like it doesn't matter that it's winter. You'd have to be in my brain to know what I mean I guess. Take my word for it, my head is a more pleasant place to be.

I also notice that I really don't think much about food anymore. I'm the kind of person who starts thinking about their next meal shortly after I complete my last one. Especially on a "diet" - this food plan has really helped that - probably because I'm better nourished and my body is just generally happier and not needing anything extra. 

Right now there is a pile of candy sitting on my counter. I gathered it all up because it is going to leave the house. My husband received so much from his staff at Christmas and, while we had the control not to open it, it's still sitting in a cupboard. There is no going back to it now - even if there is an uber-expensive box of 24 Godiva truffles among the mix - out it goes! 

Okay - that's my check in for today. This is good - really good.


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