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Lorna from Canada

Reintro Day 11 - the good, the bad and the ugly

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Here is a summary of my first 10 day reintroduction results:

I have not yet reintroduced:

  • soy (in any form) and all other legumes. I don't think I am going to reintroduce legumes at this point.
  • peanuts (yes, I know they are legumes but PB deserves its own space. I have developed a love of almond butter and I can stop after 1 tablespoon. On the other hand, I have a PB problem. I've been known to eat 1/2 jar of Adam's (AMAZING) peanut butter in one sitting with nothing more than a teaspoon in hand. So, no more peanut butter for me.
  • sugar first foods - like candy, baked goods etc. No intention or need to reintroduce at this point. Not missing them and never think about them so, meh.
  • grains with the exception of corn and white flour in bread (see below)
  • dairy - this one is still on the fence for me - I want to reintroduce soft cheese and Greek yogurt. I've no need for milk. Ultimately, I am waiting to do this until I feel ready because I am pretty sure I am lactose intolerant so I want to feel 100% well before I try it. I had a bike accident a few days ago and got pretty banged up so I have a lingering headache and feel kinda lousy overall. WEAR A HELMET - I landed, literally, on my face. My properly fitted helmet saved me from smashing my nose into smithereens and losing a few teeth.

What I have reintroduced:

  • corn - fresh on the cob. Can't get much cornier than that. No problems to report after that. Haven't tried corn meal or starch yet - don't really use those much so, if and when it'll be no big deal.
  • wheat bread - artisanal sourdough (the real deal) from a local bakery but white flour. To amp it up - I had a hamburger with a proper bun that evening. No discernable impact! YEAH - I love bread but my intention is to stay away from my old overconsumption patterns. I do love to make thin crust pizza on the BBQ so I'm glad I can still do that.
  • gin and tonic - so, a bit of sugar in that Fevertree tonic. No problems post consumption - no interrupted sleep, no anxiety.
  • sugar as it shows up in ketchup, keilbasa, chorizo and my homemade salad dressing that I use honey in - no discernable change the sleeping pattern of my sugar dragon and that's the BEST. No feeling of inflammation or stomach discomfort. I don't eat a lot of processed food but, I've had each of those 4 things once in 11 days and am doing just fine with them.
  • wine. Let me whine about wine. I am a wine lover! I have taken extensive training in wine appreciation and sensory. I love going to wineries and talking to vintners about their wine making processes and challenges. Right this minute, I have a South Australia wine reference book on my bed. I really, really, really love wine. There's simply nothing better than the act of opening, decanting, pouring and savouring a glass of wine. I love pairing food and wine. I love going to the store and buying wine. OMG - I love wine. But - apparently, wine doesn't like me. I've had it 3 times with 3 day breaks between and, each of those 3 days have ended with a terrible night sleep and wakening in the morning with anxiety - like, something is terribly wrong and horrible in my head when, in fact, my life couldn't be more lovely at the moment. 1 glass of wine with 3 different dinners and 3 crappy nights and 3 crappy mornings. That's the equation. So - LOTS to think about here. No more wine for the time being - right now I am back to being 100% compliant during the week. I'll make a choice about wine on friday night. 

I don't have a scale here so I can't weigh myself for 2 months. No worries - I can weight (HAHAHAHAHA - okay, that was a really terrible pun).

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