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Hey Everyone 

Here's to Day 20! We should all be very proud we got so far and can't wait to say I completed another challenge. 

Hey @Suzanne-SATx. My heart goes out to you because I know the feeling. I've struggled with my weight my whole life. I've been upwards of size 20 to as small as size 4. I used to berate myself with negative self talk and my confidence tanked. 

Before I started the Whole30 challenge 5 years ago I had tried every quick fix diet, took different weight loss pills, and restricted my calories to a point that was unhealthy for my body. I couldn't look myself in the mirror without picking my body apart and nearly crying. It chokes me up now just thinking about it. 

But you know what? The Whole30 challenge taught me so much. 

  • I know the difference between healthy foods and unhealthy foods. I can now read a label and know what I don't want in my body. 
  • I don't restrict my calories anymore and know how to eat to satiety rather than stuff myself until I have to unbutton my pants 
  • I've been much more consistent with my workouts with the increased energy 
  • I've learned that great change takes time. 
  • I've learned to be proud of myself for the mini wins like getting to Day 20! 
  • I'm generous with the NSV's because energy, glowing skin, and being able to say "Nah, I don't want that donut" is so awesome! 

3 years ago, I was at my most fit and I allowed work stress to get in between my healthy relationship with food and exercise. Because of this, I regained my weight and some. I couldn't get past the first week of the Whole30 challenge and restarted like 20 times. Than right before the holidays last year, I saw a fit photo of myself. I cried. I was angry at myself for allowing other things get in the way of my personal goals. I took that anger and frustration and successfully got through a challenge. 

I'm still working through some weight loss but this time around, I'm enjoying the ride. When a negative thought enters my mind, I combat it by telling myself 5 great things about myself and my journey. 

Suzanne, you've made great strides! You're in control and are one mean Whole30 meal prep machine! Don't lose faith. You're doing awesome! 

Let's pass the finish line together! :D

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Hi guys! So I can’t believe it’s Day 20 already! Went to bed last night and this morning with a raging headace. Ate a good breakfast of protein and fat and felt better almost instantly. 10 days to go before I find out what makes my body tick.:D

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