Starting April 22

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I'll be starting a new Whole30 the day after Easter. I had previously done a Whole 30 three years ago. It was successful, in that I had new energy, lower my BP, and lost 14 pounds.

However, when life events such as a spouse diagnosed with terminal cancer, I fell "off the wagon," so to speak. After gaining considerable weight, eating horribly, increased BP, and lack of energy, this 70 year old is ready to take back my health!


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I am also going to start on Monday.  This will be my 2nd Whole30.  I felt great on my first on in Oct 2018 but have gradually added back most of the junk I had been eating before.  Ready for a fresh start before summer and I hope to take more time on my reintroduction this time and keep the junk out that I know makes me feel bad.  Good luck to everyone.  I started my meal planning today, so it is making me even more ready to start.

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