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What if the nutritional info has sugar and the ingredients don't? Is that compliant? 

I have roasted mixed seeds and almond butter both of which have sugar in the nutritional info but not in the ingredients. Does that work? The seeds are in pic one. The almond butter says 1g sugar per serving but ingredients only have almonds.

Also, I have a bag of whole almonds where the nutritional info has sugar AND added sugar. Is that ok? This is in the second picture (pic 2).



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You only need to pay attention to the ingredients list. If there is sugar or other sweeteners in the ingredients list, you cannot have it during your whole30. 

Some foods, like fruits, vegetables, and nuts and seeds, have naturally occurring sugar, so the nutrition info will list some grams of sugar, but whole30 is only concerned with added sugar, which would be listed in the ingredients list.

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