Anyone else on day 12?

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This is only day 5 for me (round 2), but I figured I'd touch base anyway and say welcome and congratulations for taking the step and joining the journey here. I'm happy to be a contact point if you don't get hooked up with anyone whose progress is nearer to your own, or if you just want discourse and/or feedback :)

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My first round was January this year, with a very slow reintroduction through all of February (it allowed me to reintroduce some specific foods and not just broad groups, including splitting up things like peanuts and soy). I'm also glad that I did reintroduce dairy on a small level; I planned not to because of a known allergy (skin reactions), but learned that it's been behind probably 80% of the indigestion (heartburn, reflux, nausea) that I've dealt with for as long as I can remember.

Days 1 to 5 last time were pretty horrific. My monthly cycle started right with my Whole30, so I was drained and in pain already, plus add in all of the detox I was going through due to the dietary changes... it was crazy. Lots of headaches, nausea, and general aching for a bit there, but it did start to get sorted as I neared and entered week 2. This time, I started the week after my cycle, and I can already notice a remarkable difference compared to the first time through, just in terms of how much "easier" this first week has been so far. I've been recovering from sunburn and a bit of fatigue (funny how you can come home from vacation and feel tired, even after a vacay without the kids!)... but overall it's been fine.

I never got anything that matched the descriptions of "Tiger Blood" that I'd read in the book or testimonials, but I did realize afterward that I had experienced my own version of it... it just scared the bejeezus out of me at the time, because I'm bipolar and it felt distinctly like a manic episode was starting (I calmed down when I realized that I was feeling energy to do needed things without it being way over the top or the mad feeling of being atop the world or untouchable/boundless that would typically let me get myself into trouble during such episodes).

One thing I do plan to use to my advantage is that last time I learned some very valuable information regarding how much starchy veg I need on a daily basis (for energy and mood balance), and when I should eat it for best results. I struggled a little first time through with mood balance so this will hopefully serve me well this time, as I should have less need to play around with meal composition and macro levels unless something happens to throw things off (if I get sick, for instance).

My intention after round one had been to slide into a paleo lifestyle, but that's easier said than done (especially when no one else in the house was on board with that change, out of 7 of us). Since then, however, my dad has actually started missing "all that wonderful food" I'd cooked at the start of the year and has even been bringing home paleo snacks (like beef sticks) for himself, so this time I'm hoping it'll take. I'd love to be able to stick pretty close to the W30 guidelines overall and only venture outward on extremely special occasions or when I've got a workable paleo treat that I can share with my kids.

...and I must apologize, because I always end up doing this. I started to answer something and it should really only take a small blurb, but then I wind up with a chapter... so I'm sorry, please feel free to ignore me if I talk too much :D 

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