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compliant oil for mayo in Europe

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hey whole30 folks!

in the German speaking part of Europe (Austria to be precise), there is NO (!!!!!) light olive oil, no light avocado oil (avocado oil sold here is dark green and very virgin if you ask me) and also no light macadamia nut oil. 

can you think of any other compliant oil for mayo that can be used instead? or maybe someone from Europe is reading this an can post a link to a compliant light tasting oil that's available online?

I've been using rapeseed oil (not to be mixed up with canola oil!) as it's the most neutral tasting oil one can get here, but obvs this is not compliant.

please help!



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I personally use high oleic sunflower oil.

I didn't enjoy any of my mayo attempts that used olive oil (even extra-light) or grapeseed (I know it's not exactly compliant but it was in the house when I started my first round, so I tried it out of desperation, and that mayo was worse than the stuff I made with olive oils). I haven't found an avocado oil that's within my budget, but sunflower oil I can find easily and it's reasonably priced so I can justify getting it.

It's not the most-preferred oil in terms of Whole30 but high-oleic sunflower and safflower oils have a fat profile similar to extra-virgin olive oil (according to the official Can I Have? guide), and I don't use mayo often enough for me to worry over it. My family enjoys the taste of it, also, which is good because I stopped getting store-bought mayo for them (it just makes sense to only have 1 jar of mayo in the fridge! :D).

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