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Am I eating the proper items?


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Can someone help confirm I am eating the right amount and foods? 


Tuesday: 2 scrambled eggs with mushrooms and two chicken sausage links

snack: banana

lunch: mixed greens, broccoli slaw, half avocado, chicken and cucumbers

snack: apple

dinner: steak with peppers and onions over broccoli slaw

water: 48 oz, 24 oz of Seltzer and 16 oz of tea

then today I am starving in the afternoon

breakfast: two hard boiled eggs with half avaocado and 1 chx sausage


7 almonds

lunch: leftover steak with peppers and onions

snack apple and almonds


about the same fluids. Does seltzer count towards my water? 


Thank you

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Add veggies to your breakfasts. If you have a regular size dinner plate, vegetables should take up half to three fourths of the plate. This will add bulk to the meals and help fill you up. Be sure you add some fat at each meal, it helps to keep you feeling satisfied longer. 

Seltzer is okay to have, but most of your water should be just plain water.


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