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Goal - end chronic pain


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Hi everyone, 

I'm a 49 year old mom, who works full time as well as being a college student.  I'm a fan of low carb lifestyles (low carb Mediterranean really) and have reversed my type 2 diabetes with that change.  However, life got in the way with an overwhelming spring semester,and challenging work situation at the same time, so my derailment is still not completely back on track.   Last November, nearly a year ago, i started having leg pain.  I went to the dr in late December and was diagnosed with radiculopathy.  Meds cleared the pain in the left leg.. and then the right started. That has been most of the last year.  Last Friday i had a sudden, out of the blue, severe flare up of the left leg again.  I have been seeing a chiro since September, but only once  a week so the healing process is a little slower.  

I have done detox many times in the past and know from first hand experience how effective they can be.  I started researching Whole after looking up anti inflammatory detox. Overall this is very similar to how I eat on a low carb plan.  My challenges will be dairy.   However i am tired of being in pain every day.. tired of not being able to even  walk  more than 10-15 min without pain.. tired of not being able to sit.. or stand without pain in those actions. 

I am planning to start on Friday, as thats a planned grocery shopping day, and post Halloween.  I know I am risking the ugly detox symptoms with some of the sugars that I will be eating this week, but I also know that those symptoms will pass fairly quickly.  For now?  off to meal plan ( which i do anyway, lol) and plot out this weeks grocery shopping.

I look forward to using this forum for support and motivation to keep on track :)

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Welcome, we're happy to have you here!

Keep us updated - I'm curious about how your pain does after elimination of dairy. Dairy is a huge inflammer for some people and wonder if you could find relief by eliminating it.

Let us know if you need anything!

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