I start tomorrow!


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I just went to the shops and stocked up on lots of supplies. Really excited to get started. Anyone else starting before January? I'm just back from visiting family for the holidays so I want to get going right away instead of waiting a couple more days. 

Would love to have some team mates so we can chivvy each other along.

Going to spend this evening portioning up some stuff for the freezer and making some compliant mayo! :D

Pip x

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Hi @littleyellowdiary and welcome to Whole30! There are a couple of us that started yesterday if you'd like to join us on your journey! Here's our thread: https://forum.whole30.com/topic/57759-2nd-time-around-starting-dec-27th/?tab=comments#comment-512130

This is my fourth round and I'm doing this for long-term health. I love the mountains more than anything and I want to be able to enjoy them until the day I die. The way I take care of myself now is not going to get me there. So here I am on another attempt to start a lifelong lifestyle change. :-) 

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