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So, I've had a rough month in terms of my health.  I gained back the weight I lost earlier this year..literally just 1.5-2 months ago I was 10-15 lb lighter.  Ugghhhh.  Wake up call.  

So I'm back.  Tomorrow.  No excuses anymore.  I have veggies and chicken in the fridge...and the veggies are going to start going bad if I don't eat them soon.  The food is here, so it's as simple as eating those right foods and not the wrong ones.  So very simple...  (Rolling my eyes)

Anyway, keep a look out for my daily posts.  I will be here.  I updated my notification settings, and I'll put a reminder on my phone...anything I have to do to remember to post, I'll do it.

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As much as I wanted it, I haven't started over yet in terms of my food choices.  It totally sucks that I keep making the wrong choices every day.  However, until I'm ready, I want to try to remember to post one good thing I did on each given day, so I'm not so down on myself.

One good thing about today:  I walked a mile during my lunch hour.   I used the Map my Walk app so I could get my total time and distance walked.  

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