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This would be my toss-up:

"Purple Chopped Salad + Grilled Chicken"
salad = nix bacon, nix chickpea, nix gorgonzola, nix vinaigrette; ask about sun-dried tomatoes (if only in oil, then great to keep them in there); extra avocado, plain oil and vinegar for dressing
chicken = ask to make sure any marinade or grilling solution is compliant

"Classic Cheeseburger" (mixed green salad comes with this, so I'd just have the whole thing thrown together)
nix bread, nix cheese, nix special sauce; add avocado, extra tomato

"Grilled New York Steak"
ask about marinade (ideal = olive oil, salt, pepper); request potatoes and brussels sprouts to be roasted in duck fat (not fried) with simple spices only, keeping it dairy-free, soy-free, sweetener-free, etc.; nix the demi-glace

Knowing myself as I do, I would undoubtedly go with the chopped salad with chicken. As nearly as I can tell, that runs 22 for the full salad (or 18 for the half), though maybe extra for the extra avocado :D ... and I'd likely enjoy it a bit more than I would the hamburger salad, while appreciating that I wasn't spending so much on the steak.

There are other items on the menu which might be workable by either removing parts or asking to make sure the process and ingredients are compliant... but I have a hard time enjoying food if I feel like I'm spending too much for something I could make (compliantly) at home. It comes down to whether or not I judge it worth the cost of doing my own dishes after dinner! ;)

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Beef tartare, no crisps, all accompaniments served separately so you can decide to mix or not 

Grilled New York 

seared scallops if the preparation of the sides is compliant, otherwise replace with steamed beans and bouled new potatoes, olive oil on the side.

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Can't tell just from the menu, you must ask the server/kitchen to be sure they aren't including ingredients not listed.

I usually say "here's what I cannot have; could you ask the kitchen which menu items would be easiest to make to those specifications?"

When in doubt, you can always go with a dry-grilled steak and steamed veggies.

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