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I am starting g my whole30 journey tomorrow for the first time ever in hope of gaining some control over food cravings, weight loss, and just overall feeling better. I am a new momma to a wonderful 6 month old baby boy that I am breastfeeding and pumping for. My biggest concern is my milk supply. I have been taking a supplement protein powder called milk dust. I have been having major issues with my supply. I am wondering if anyone has used milk dust and if it is whole30 compliant because it usually gives my supply a little boost.

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  • Whole30 Certified Coach

Hi! Milk Dust Powder has a number of sweeteners, so it is not Whole30 compliant. I'm curious if you are working with a lactation consultant or midwife or other practitioner who can give you expert guidance on this? Keeping up your milk supply is so important (as you know), and it is your priority right now. Many people have done a Whole30 while keeping their milk supply up, so it is not uncommon, however, every nursing person is different.  I have heard of people who drank Mother's Milk tea (or similar formulations) while they were nursing and doing a Whole30 with good results.  I wish I could help more, however, I am not a medical professional or lactation expert.

Whole30 will ALWAYS be here for you when you are ready!!!  Best to you and that sweet baby.

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