Day 51 - Advice Needed

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Hi.  I decided to do at least 2 rounds in a row, so I am now on Day 51.  I read in one of Melissa's books that no one should go past a Whole90 because then you are not experiencing Food Freedom.

I'm wondering if anyone else is on a second round and how it is going.

Also, I don't see how I can go off the program because I am extremely overweight and will always have this problem due to anti-depressants.  The medicine has made me gain weight and I am fighting to lose every pound that I can by being as healthy as possible.  I don't want to stop this program!  Thoughts??

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Whole30 in and of itself is an elimination diet, with the purpose of reaching a baseline from which to test foods and/or food groups to see if there are sensitivities which should be considered when making informed food choices going forward. Ideally, one also does an amount of "deep work" to deal with the psychological relationship to food, as well.

Melissa's note about not experiencing Food Freedom is undoubtedly based on the idea that one does NOT plan to follow a continuing food plan that's quite as restricted as Whole30 is. To make those informed food choices, however, you have to do reintroduction.

If you're on Day 51 of Whole30, then you're still on round 1 ;) A second round would be when you've done reintroduction and gone forward, hopefully starting to discover what your Food Freedom looks like, and then return to do another reset of some length.

That said, there's no reason why someone couldn't choose to follow the Whole30 guidelines or something close to them for a longer period of time. Paleo, for instance, is incredibly close to Whole30 but has a bit more flexibility because you're building a lifestyle (not following a diet/elimination program).

In all honesty, I wouldn't suggest trying to stick to Whole30 forever. Instead, move forward step by step as you build a "WholeMe" type of plan. That's where the Food Freedom is, and "WholeMe" can be no grains, no gluten, no legumes, no dairy, etc. if that's what works best for your body... but leaves room for enjoying those foods occasionally if you deem it "worth it" based on what you know about how your body reacts to those foods. If you find yourself off the rails too far and making what you consider to be poor food decisions too often, then go strict Whole30 again for a while to reset your body and your mindset :) 

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Hi! I'm also doing two rounds of Whole 30. I'm on day 56. This is my fourth whole 30 in two years. I decided to do two rounds this time because my sugar cravings never really seemed to subside after 30 days. I am also nervous about reintroduction because my sugar dragon is always lurking but as you said, it's not truly food freedom if we continue doing whole 30 forever. 

Doing 60 days has definitely made me stronger and more capable of resisting sweets. I finally feel like I'm experiencing the "Tiger Blood" stage! Are you feeling it too?

To get through reintroduction, I just remember Melissa's trick of, if you're craving something, wait 5 mins to see if you really want something or if it will pass. Also, I try to remember that I'm in control. If I want a sweet and it's really worth it, I can have it. So, I'll take the time to really savor and enjoy it. Hope this helps! 

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