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Not understanding reintroduction


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I am sorry I am still not understanding reintroduction. I have read and re-read so many things.

1) For example, on day 31 I would add (legumes) back into my diet.

2) Does that mean legumes for breakfast, lunch and dinner? OR Just one type of legume for one meal?

3) Then on day 32, I would go back to eating only Whole30 compliant? or I would be eating Whole30 compliant- plus also eating the legumes?

I am not understanding when I am adding the foods back in (and maybe out?) and when I am continuing with that same food.

Thank you so much for any clarification.


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On day 31, add legumes. Some people break it down even more, like day for peanuts and a day for soy, to gain more detailed knowledge about how different foods affect them, but the instructions are just legumes generally, whichever ones you choose. You would have a serving at each meal that day. You could have the same thing at each meal, or a different type at each meal, whichever you prefer, but for example you might have your usual breakfast, but add  banana with peanut butter. And then you might have a serving of pinto or navy beans at lunch along with whatever whole30 foods you like. And maybe for dinner, you do a stir fry with tofu or edamame and soy sauce.

Then, days 32 and 33 you go back to whole30 foods only. If you do have a reaction to anything you reintroduce and by day 34 are still not feeling great, you might want to wait another day or two before moving on to your next reintroduction. 

You do each reintroduction this way. Whether you have a reaction to a reintroduced food group or not, you don't have it again until you have completed all your reintroductions.


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