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If I knew how to perform a search on this forum I would, but I thought a new thread on this topic couldn't hurt either. I've been diagnosed with Bipolar (Type I) since I was a teenager scattered with some borderline personality disorder instead/in addition, have been (involuntarily) hospitalized a few times -- luckily, it's been years -- etc. I know it's controversial, but I "quit" meds in 2018 but try to work more closely with my doctor instead and (very) recently started therapy again, which is inconsistent. Whole30 has helped me a LOT to manage symptoms, but lately things have spiraled. I can't sleep (it's past midnight right now) and my mood has been fluctuating more; I used to brag that I "don't fight with people on Whole30," which pretty much was the case until tonight. I know Whole30 can't fix EVERYTHING, especially diagnoses as grand as mine (if accurate), but I was wondering if anyone might be struggling with similar issues/symptoms and might have any recommendations - beyond meds and professional help, which I'm managing. I'd like to get to a point where I don't feel like I need anything: a person, a dietary/lifestyle change, a substance, medication, etc. to feel stable but unfortunately I'm super reliant and have been grasping onto Whole30 for dear life and am feel myself drifting into a very strong current. (This is heavier and more desperate than I intended, I'm actually not doing that bad. For context, I'm technically on Day 26 of my #Whole30AtHome and my last one ended early March.)

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@mazzystarslight Thank you for sharing a bit of your story and I wish you the very best of luck! It sounds like you're staying true and strong, despite your struggles. Congratulations!

I don't personally have any experience with mental health disorders so I cannot offer you any insights, but I can say that I see you and hear you. I'll be thinking of you and wishing you the best!

The easiest way to search the forum is simply to do a Google search (i.e., type "Whole 30 bipolar disorder" into Google). The first results are usually all from the Forum so you can click through those. Here is one that may be useful:


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@kirbz Thank you so much for your kind reply - it means a lot. I read your message scarfing down an Rx bar a few days ago and it really cheered me up just knowing someone read and cared. It's been a crazy roller coaster since I've posted but I have stayed true to Whole30 and I'm proud to be on Day 29! I'm still reading about reintroduction in Food Freedom and trying to learn from my erratic mood swings (last night was an all time low, my poor boyfriend...) to try to avoid them/soften their blow in the future. Thanks so much again :)

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