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Starting on June 1


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Hey y'all--maybe I am not looking in the right place but where my June 1 Whole-30 peeps? LOL

I live in Colorado and the weather is so great for walking and staying active outdoors. I did the Whole 30 in February 2018 and lost 17 lbs--and my NSVs were amazing--clearer skin, more energy, no heartburn (even with a hiatal hernia). 

I use the Day-by-Day journal to keep me on track. This time I also joined real plans and  let me tell you--it connects the shopping list to King Soopers so I am getting delivery to my door for $3. Worth every penny.

It would be fun if any June 1 starters would join this thread--? I hope to meet you soon! That's me with my granddaughter. I'm about 40 lbs overweight and can't wait to get healthier--




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Hi Patty!

I'm also starting (my first!) Whole 30 today! I hadn't heard of real plans before so thanks for the tip! 

I live in San Francisco and also have a pretty active lifestyle (up until a few months ago). But I've had some less-than-healthy habits creep into my day-to-day ever since we started working from home full time in March. I'm looking forward to W30 to be a hard reset on some of those habits and to really clear up some of the recent overall weakness / back pain I've been experiencing. 

What I'm really hoping to change in the next 30 days:

  • Change habit / relationship to drinking and mindless eating in front of TV
  • Clarity of mind and some modicum of control over my daily life
  • Reconnection to cooking and meal prep - I used to love doing this when I was younger and not working as much! 
  • Freedom from lower back pain
  • Fit comfortably into my skinny jeans again! 
  • Great sleep (fewer to no "night sweats")
  • Wouldn't mind my skin, eyes and hair looking better too :) 


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Good morning whole 30 peeps. I too started yesterday June 1, 2020. I'm a grandma as well. 

The stay at home orders in a 1 bedroom apartment with my non compliant husband of 39 years has wrecked havoc on my food choices thus desperately needed this reset!  

I grew up in Colorado, lived in the Bay area for 16.5 years but now live in SoCal with newly enforced curfews.  With all the similarities this seemed a great group to join in on!

I'm committing to you both to log in to this group daily through a fast reset plus a few days.




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Hey Hey!

I too started on June 1, but was hesitant to join the forums - then I realized how much counter-productive social pressure there can be.  Yikes.

But Like @ALM Grandma, that will pass.  And I'm looking forward to turning my "healthy looking" lifestyle to a truly healthy one - inside and out.

What I'm really hoping to change in the next 30 days is:

  • Increase my energy and motivation
  • remove knee/low-back pain ( @chance2020)
  • burn some fat
  • increase my ability to calm my mind
  • use food as a device to break some of my minds addictions to pleasure
  • increasing my self-discipline

@Patty526 - Thanks for the meal plan/shopping recommendation - as single guy, that's my least favorite part of this whole thing - shopping!

At day 3, things are going well, but I didn't plan well enough and have eating more simply than I care to in order to stay on plan.

But this is life right?  We do, we fail, we learn, and we do again.

Here's to doing again (and again)!







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@Patty526 I'm on day 1 round two, had great success both nonscale and scale victories. It's been almost two years since my first whole30 so I'm treating this second round just like the first.  Even rereading the books.  This time around I'm also looking into realplan, but wondered if you can tell me a little more about it.  Does the program actually make plans for you or am I just picking recipes off a website.  I already do that with sites like Pinterest, and I'm not looking for more of the same.  I'd like to log in and see the meals that have been planned for me, click accept or delete if I don't like something, and shop.  I see that I can sign up on a monthly basis, but do you know if it's a terrible pain to cancel or switch to the quarterly or yearly option.  Thanks so much! Take care

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