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All these are Whole30 approved on their own (ingredients verified compliant) however I am not sure if this is considered a snack as opposed to a meal. There's not always the time for quick meals and during the work day lunches can be tough. Would the following being eaten as a meal be compliant or no go? TIA

prosciutto or pancetta, pistachios or almonds or another nut, blueberries, green olives, and cherry tomatoes. Each of these are in the quantities of a handful (average, not a heaping handful) with the meat portion being 4 - 6 pieces depending on the size.





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As long as everything is whole30 compliant, it's fine. 

If you find it's not keeping you satisfied, you could pre make hardboiled eggs, egg muffins, chicken (cut into cubes or strips for easier eating), or meatballs, to get in extra protein, as there probably won't be much in the pancetta or prosciutto. 

If you want to mix up the vegetables, try snap or snow peas, baby carrots (or sliced regular carrots), jicama, cucumber, or bell pepper.

Some of these suggestions require more planning and cooking ahead of time, but could be just as easy to eat.

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