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Here in the forum, you can keep a log in this section: https://forum.whole30.com/forum/24-your-whole30-log/. If you prefer to take pictures of meals, Instagram might work.

If you want something more private, any of the note taking apps that are available, like One Note or Evernote, or even Google docs. 

The thing that makes most food tracking apps not great for Whole30 is that they track calories and macros and give you feedback based on those measurements, and we really don't want you to worry about that stuff, just follow the meal template and eat as much as you need to.

There used to be a paleo-based tracking app that didn't do the calorie/macro tracking, but it was several years ago that I looked at it, and I don't remember the name now, but you might be able to Google and find it, if it's still around.

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