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LadyWolf's Whole 30 Log 2021


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R3D1 - Monday was Day 1, and (of course) motivation is high.  This is my third round; my second round was a complete bust.  Round 1 was a raging success, and I am anxious to get back to that place I was when I finished R1.  I remember not wanting to go through reintroduction after R1 b/c I felt so good all the time, but I read an article by Melissa Urban that explained why reintroduction was so important.  So I did go through "slow roll" reintroduction and finding those trigger foods was surprising.  I didn't like reintroduction; all that "tiger blood" I had earned during R1 was gone.  My joints ached, I had headaches and my stomach was always in knots, but we now know exactly what I should and shouldn't eat.  I now know when I eat certain foods (especially sugary desserts) that I don't sleep well.  I now know that when I eat dairy (and pretty much any form of dairy) that I develop eczema on my hands and get a very upset stomach.  Alcohol and sugar make my bones ache, and I am highly sensitive to grains, such as rice and quinoa.  You'd think that with knowing what I know that it would be easy to go through another W30 reset and incorporate the needed lifestyle changes, but I'm not wired that way.  Not yet, at least, but I'm working on that.

I am going to use R3 as a way to get back to that "tiger blood" feeling but also as a reset for my brain.  I don't have to go through reintroduction again b/c I know what affects me and how, and once I get through the 30-day reset my body needs, I know I will be back to that healthy mental relationship with food.  Saying "no" will be easier and not because I "have" to but because I will want to.  I want to sleep well.  I want to feel good and not hurt all the time.  I want to be able to move and exercise without pain or extreme fatigue.  I want to eat yummy food without having it upset my stomach.

So here we go and R3D1 is in the bag!

Breakfast - Cajun Scrambled Eggs, Black Coffee, Collagen Peptides

Lunch - Kofta Kebabs, Cauliflower Saffron Rice w/Sumac, Lemon Parsley Sauce

Dinner - Air Fryer Chicken Thighs, Vegetable Medley, Chinese 5-Spice Sweet Potatoes

Snack - Chomps Sticks; Dry Roasted Cashews


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R3D2/R3D3 - I got so caught up with work yesterday that I forgot to log my food, lol. Day 2 was a lot less eventful that day 1, and I recognized that I need to get my menu planning and food prep game in shape. I had nothing prepared on Monday, and while I stayed on track (yay me), everything felt like a fire drill. I got away with it this time; next time I may not be so lucky. I finished Monday evening with prepping food and menus for the rest of the week, and both yesterday and today, I felt more calm and relaxed. This is my busy season at work, so having what I need to stay on track is super important right now.

Still feeling pretty good physically. I've had a couple small headaches, but the biggest thing I'm fighting right now is sugar cravings. I'm being very careful about not feeding my sugar dragon, and I know fruit should not be that "go to", but in small amounts, the fruit does help curb the cravings. I'm not using date paste right now specifically for this reason and will probably hold off on using that ingredient until at least day 15. I have found myself absent-mindedly reaching for a pudding or soda and catching myself, and at least I'm aware. 


Breakfast - Chorizo & veggie omelette, black coffee, collagen peptides

Lunch - Buffalo chicken stuffed potato with ranch drizzle

Dinner - pan seared sirloin steak with yum yum sauce, coconut curry cauliflower rice, ghee roasted potatoes


Breakfast - Chorizo & veggie omelette, black coffee, collagen peptides

Lunch - buffalo chicken stuffed potato with ranch drizzle, unsweetened applesauce with cinnamon

Dinner - pan seared pork chops, cauliflower fried rice, cinnamon apples

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R3D4 - I am so dang mad at myself this morning.  I woke up this morning feeling not so great with stomach bloating and discomfort, and I immediately recognized the signs.  So I went to the kitchen and checked the spices from last night's dinner and, dammit. there is soybean oil in the curry powder.  :angry:  I thought I had gone through my spice pantry and checked all of the spices I use and replaced those ones that had non-compliant ingredients; apparently not.  I feel like absolute crap; soybean oil is a major inflammatory trigger for my body and gives me horrible upset stomach and pain. 

I am going to have to do a reset and restart my Whole 30, and before I restart, I am going to go through my spice pantry (again) and recheck the ingredient labels on everything.  We're scheduled for some nasty weather in the north metro Atlanta area this weekend, so I guess that'll be a good time for this project.  Everything else I prepped for the week is compliant, so I can still eat on plan even though I am not going to start recounting my 30 days until next Monday.  I think what gets me so frustrated is that I know better.  I know to be vigilant in checking my ingredient labels.  Hopefully this is a lesson finally learned.

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R3D0: Today has been a good prep day. I got my menu planned for the week, made ghee and got my lunches packed up in the refrigerator. Spice pantry is now cleaned out of any non-compliant ingredients, and I was very happy to have my husband's help with this project. He helped me when I got sick from the soybean oil the other day, so he felt vested in the project. He also found out one of my vitamins had soybean oil in it, and I had NO idea. I had told my doc a while back about how the Vitamin D3 supplement upset my stomach, but he felt the benefits outweighed the side effects, but now we're going to have to change that up (we didn't find any others with soybean oil).  I feel good about where I'm restarting from tomorrow, and I know that I'll be more vigilant about reading and understanding my food labels. It's also nice knowing I have my family's support.

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R3D2: Day 1 restarted well. I had appointments out all day and didn't get back home until dinner time, so I was just completely exhausted. The appointments didn't run as expected, so I wasn't able to get back home for lunch, but thanks to food prep, I was able to grab something quick and get back out in traffic. 

Day 2 has been nice and quiet. I got a lot of work done both for home and office, and I liked not feeling rushed at meal time. My stomach finally feels like I've gotten past the soybean oil incident of last week. I am feeling tired and have a little headache, but overall not too bad. I am having cravings mid day, so I've got Chomp's sticks in case it gets bad. Can't wait to see what D3 has in store!


Breakfast - chorizo omelette, roasted sweet potatoes, black coffee, collagen peptides

Lunch: steak strips with yum yum sauce

Dinner: crispy chicken thighs, ghee roasted potatoes, broccoli

Snack: Chomp's stick


Breakfast - eggs with bacon, strawberries, black coffee, collagen peptides

Lunch - buffalo chicken salad with red onion, tomatoes, hard boiled egg and homemade ranch

Dinner - meatballs with marinara, mashed potatoes, broccoli

Snack - Chomp's stick

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R3D3: Man, am I tired, and it's making me feel discombobulated. I was completely distracted during my conference calls today, I had to ask my co-worker to repeat herself and my momentum (what I had of it) was gone after lunch. The headaches have stopped and the cravings are getting a little better, but because I'm sort of feeling "out of it", I'm catching myself as I start going through the motions of my non-Whole 30 habits. Like stopping myself from grabbing the french onion dip and chips for a snack. I'm not being hard on myself because I understand I'm just at the beginning of my 30 days, but I am anxious to get past this phase.

My doc wants me to start eating a high fiber diet. Previously that would have included grains and beans, but I am excited to find the best vegetables and fruits to get me the fiber grams I need in a day. What better way to do that than on W30?  He was thrilled I'm on the program, so he gave me a small list to get me started and says he wants to see what else I come up with over the next two weeks. 

Breakfast - grilled chicken breast, broccoli, strawberries, black coffee, collagen peptides

Lunch - kefte kebab with homemade tzatziki, strawberries

Dinner - cross rib roast, squash/cauliflower/broccoli/carrot veg medley, cauliflower rice

Snack - That's It strawberry bar

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R3D4 was a very busy day. Conference call after conference call, and calls from home office co-workers freaking out about our new partners. I don't mind being a sounding board but it was a lot today, and this is the type of day that would totally throw me in to destructive eating habits. Food prep saved me today, and I was very grateful to myself for having done it this past weekend. Otherwise, today could've seriously derailed me.

I had scheduled a facial late in the day, which I desperately needed and that actually got me to relax. I let the family deal with leftovers so I could have my "me" time, and by the time I got home, I was a much better version than what was stressed out mid-afternoon. My husband and I are talking about more home renovations, and we were able to have those conversations last night with me having a much clearer, unstressed head. We made some big decisions, and I'm happy he's getting excited and antsy to begin the next phase on our home. The day ended up on a really good note, and I slept well.

Breakfast - buffalo chicken omelette with veggies, strawberries, black coffee, collagen peptides

Lunch - leftover mashed potatoes and meatballs with marinara

Dinner - leftover pot roast with gravy (compliant), roasted vegetables, cherry pie larabar

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R3D5 and R3D6 have been a challenge. I'm in to the EATT "eat all the things" phase. Cravings are wicked out of whack, and I'm having to be ultra careful right now. Headaches are intermittent, and I'm getting fatigued during the day with bouts of insomnia at night. I know this will pass, but it sucks right now. 

Friday kept me busy during the work day, so that was good and kept my cravings distracted. After work, my DIL and I went for mani/pedi, and that was some good girl time. We ended up being the only two folks there, which was extra nice, and that distraction also kept my cravings at bay. Leftovers for dinner was nice and easy, but afterwards, the cravings were brutal. I drank some hot herbal tea, and that helped a little, but the cravings made me cranky, so I just went to bed.

Today started okay, and then my son brought home doughnuts. And not just any doughnuts, but these amazing doughnuts from this little artisan bakery near the house. He brought me a black coffee and when he realized I wasn't going to eat any b/c Whole 30, he felt bad. I wasn't upset with him, but I thanked him for the coffee and left the room. The cravings were just horrible after that. The hubs played golf, so I spent the day menu planning and binge watching one of my shows. After breakfast, I wasn't physically hungry, but my brain wanted to eat everything in sight. Ice water helped a little, and it was still a tough day, but I did it! I hung in there and didn't cave. And I got my water in! Here's to hoping the cravings and EATT are almost over.


Breakfast - buffalo chicken omelette, mixed veggies, strawberries, black coffee, collagen peptides

Lunch - W30 chicken tenders on greens with onion, tomato, boiled egg and homemade ranch

Dinner - crispy chicken thighs, cauliflower rice, roasted potatoes/carrots/onions


Breakfast - chicken omelette, ghee sauteed potatoes, strawberries, black coffee, collagen peptides

Snack - Chomp's sticks, That's It strawberry bar

Dinner - air fryer lemon pepper wings, salad with roasted red pepper, tomatoes, kalamata olives and homemade ranch

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R3D7 is done and Week One is in the bag!! I feel like making it these past 7 days is an NSV in itself. It's been a challenge for me not falling back in to automatic routines of eating.

Because of the cravings, my husband did the grocery shopping for me today. He's so awesome! I slow roasted a pork shoulder all day, made some more ghee, prepared some homemade spice blends, and made the chicken shawarma marinade. The chicken will marinate overnight and I'll skewer it in the rotisserie tomorrow. Everything is ready for the week!  I also made some sugar cookie dough so I can practice decorating with royal icing this week. I've got those cookies spoken for so, because I'm gifting them, it'll be easy to not eat them.

We're getting ready to start phase two off our home renovations, and we spent a good chunk of the day messing with that. Cravings were a little better today but I'm getting cranky and the headaches are annoying, so I welcome the distraction. Still fatigued but again still battling a little intermittent insomnia. Hoping it'll start to pass this week.

Breakfast - scrambled eggs, sliced pear, black coffee, collagen peptides

Lunch - W30 chicken tenders, mixed veggies

Dinner - dinner salad with pulled pork and homemade barbeque ranch dressing

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R3D8 was a fairly decent day despite the nasty headache.  I was hoping this part of the W30 would be past by now, but it's not and it's frustrating.  They are hitting me about the same time everyday and, to be honest, I'm not sure what's causing them.  I check my water intake to make sure I am getting that, and that doesn't seem to be the issue.  Hopefully they will pass soon.  I have noticed my joint pain is improving and I am starting to sleep better.

The chicken shawarma did not go as expected.  I had planned to do it in the rotisserie, but I changed my mind last minute and decided to cook it on the skewers described in the recipe.  What should've been a reasonably easy process ended up taking 1 1/2 hours to cook and a complete mess on my countertop.  I should have stuck to my original plan.  Once I got to enjoy the chicken, it was very tasty.  Next time, I'll definitely use the rotisserie.

Breakfast - Eggs over-easy, W30 bacon, strawberries, black coffee, collagen peptides

Lunch - ghee roasted potato, chicken shawarma on greens with red onion, tomato and homemade garlic tahini dressing

Dinner - 1/2 roasted cornish hen, brussel sprouts with ghee and lemon, pan roasted carrots

Snack - Chomp's stick, cherry pie larabar

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