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  1. LadyWolf0926

    LadyWolf's Whole 30 Log

    @Emma, okay....the wraps were good but yeah.... not SWYPO (lol) They were very pliable, and I get why they're linked to the rule, but I don't see these becoming something I can't stop eating. You can definitely taste the coconut, which for me is fine; I'm looking forward to trying them for lunch this week. Rule aside, I do like the fact they're made with all compliant ingredients, tho. Should work well! @Amura, yes.... the two breads I tried were wheat based. Honestly, I'm not really missing bread that much (except naan - I miss naan), so I'm not sure what I'll try next. I do like rye, but I don't want to buy a loaf and find out it doesn't sit well with me either (and my family doesn't eat rye) I'll have to marinate on that one for a bit. I appreciate the suggestions! Let me know if you think of any others
  2. LadyWolf0926

    LadyWolf's Whole 30 Log

    Awww, thx @Emma!! I do miss you guys xx Unfortunately, I think the coconut wraps are SWYPO. Pretty sure it falls in with that "Do not consume baked goods, junk foods, or treats with "approved" ingredients" rule, and it specifically mentions tortillas (this emoji should be sobbing, btw). I'm going to try one for lunch and make a BLT wrap. I cooked up some uncured, sugar-free bacon yesterday and have a wonderful batch of greens and tomatoes from the garden. Yum! I'll definitely let you know **thumbs up**
  3. LadyWolf0926

    LadyWolf's Whole 30 Log

    Right?? **insert barf emoji** Also, just got these from Amazon. Definitely SWYPO on round, but since I've discovered bread gives me headaches and makes me lethargic, I thought I'd give these a go for reintro. Found them courtesy of my BFF, and they're made with coconut meat, coconut water and virgin coconut oil. What do you think?
  4. LadyWolf0926

    LadyWolf's Whole 30 Log

    We had a blast @Amura!! And you're absolutely right on the food. I could've eaten sushi (the healthier option), but something about sushi in a stadium just screams "trip to the hospital"; so cheeseburger it was! Feeling a tad "off" today. Sluggish, headache, achy, tummy feels "meh"..... pretty much what I expected. The kids and my husband were passing M&M's back and forth last night. Normally, I would've had a few but I had no problem passing them up. I knew exactly how they'd make me feel. I'm starting to understand food freedom, and like Jihanna said before, it's going to take time.
  5. LadyWolf0926

    LadyWolf's Whole 30 Log

    Recap..... Braves won!! Great game AND a bonus concert after the game with Steve Aoki So. Much. Fun!! It was a really long set, and he did play Boneless (which made me uber-happy)! I got up and danced in the stands with my son and his GF, and I haven't danced in years! It was a great time! Dinner was a bit of an ordeal. We got to the stadium, and there just wasn't anything compliant, so I just went ahead and had a cheeseburger and curly fries. It tasted so good, but I'm not feeling all that great. Got a little heartburn going on. My hubs is a little worried I'll be hurting tomorrow, but we'll deal with it like we've dealt with the rest. I'll pound the fluids, flush the nastiness out of my system and eat compliant. I'm going to sink some Tazo Chamomile Calm before bed; that'll help a lot. Plus, eating like I'm on round next week will help my son anyway, so no big deal there. Right now, I don't care. I got to see Steve Aoki play live, and my day is made! Lol
  6. LadyWolf0926

    LadyWolf's Whole 30 Log

    Sunday Funday!!! Yay!! It's been a few days, so pardon the long post. Braves baseball game today at 5:00! I'm really looking forward to it too! They're playing the Chicago White Sox, who we would go to see play when we lived in Chi-town. My husband and I talked about it yesterday; he's worried I won't be able to find anything to eat. We tried to look up the Infiniti Club menu online, but it's not listing any specific foods. We'll figure it out, but he had some great ideas on how I can avoid some off the processed and fried foods and still have a great meal. He's seen me feel great over the past several weeks, and he's seen me in pain from foods I've tried to reintroduce. He just doesn't want me to hurt like that. He's so sweet, and I just love how supportive he is. I'm very lucky! I'm finally starting to feel tiger blood again. I can see why they tell us to give ourselves several days after eating sugar. It was really uncomfortable, and the swelling in my legs is starting to go away; finally! Nothing else to reintroduce right now, so I'm going to focus on helping my son (see below). We noticed a new NSV last night; my hands. For the past few years, I've been dealing with my hands and fingers cracking, peeling and splitting open. I was told by my dermatologist that it was an allergy I'd developed to paper. That explanation seemed to make sense, especially since anytime I worked with stacks of paper, the condition got really bad. I've gone through boxes of Band-Aids in a month; I've had to use prescription antibiotic ointment, when they split, to keep infection from settling in the implants from my knee replacements. Last night, my husband noticed me packing up some medical supplies and said, "hey, you've not needed Band-Aids in a while. Let me see your hands". I showed him my hands, and we looked at them together. He just kept saying, "they're healed. They're healed". He's right. My hands have healed. They're soft and free of any cracks, peels or splits. I hadn't noticed before he said anything, tbh, and I can 100% attribute this to Whole 30. Of course, we're not sure what I eliminated that caused the healing, and we're guessing I would have to eat a lot of it for my hands to start acting up again. Since I'm still carefully reading labels, we're guessing I won't be eating whatever-it-is anytime soon. It's just really nice to not have my hands hurt anymore Today was food prep; my son begins his Whole 30 on Tuesday. He's nervous and unsure of what to expect, so his anxiety about it is a little bit "up there". He's finally had enough of joint pain to where he's willing to try almost anything. This is going to be difficult for him for the first several days, so I'm going to help him with a little hand-holding the first week or so. I've picked up his favorite apples, some bananas and I'm going to make him some compliant "comfort foods". None of these are SWYPO, so I feel good about him eating these and not falling backwards. We'll closely watch anything with strong Asian flavors, since that is a huge SWYPO trigger for him, and we don't want him running to the closest Panda Express in a hunger fit. I made him some compliant breakfast sausage, and he can eat that with some baby carrots or celery with either almond or cashew butter. I ordered him some herbal tea to take the place of the vitamin energy drink he's been sloshing down for breakfast for the past couple years (I really dislike that stuff too; too many artificial sweeteners). I also have printed out a quick "fact" sheet on what to expect as far as side effects and when, like Kill All The Things, Eat All The Things, headaches, lethargy, etc, will hit him. This list is really more for me than him, so he's not blowing up my phone while I'm at work asking me why he feels like (insert here, dot dot dot), but it'll all be worth it; I'm certain he's going to get a lot of answers to what the doctors haven't been able to find that causing him pain. Hope everyone's is having a lovely weekend!!
  7. LadyWolf0926

    LadyWolf's Whole 30 Log

    @KiwiKendra it's so true! Getting the scale out of my line of sight was the best thing I could've done. I'm not running to it every day, or even weekly, anymore. That's HUGE for me, but I did feel like I was letting my best friend go when my husband hid it from me. I had anxiety for two days, but I got busy and was able to refocus and now I just don't run to it anymore. It's liberating!
  8. LadyWolf0926

    LadyWolf's Whole 30 Log

    I get you! 100%!! What I don't get is why we don't have a hug emoji cuz I'd sent you one of those @Jihanna I totally understood where you were leading me, and I LOVE your guidance! And you're right (again) of course. Once I start feeling better in a week or so, I'm going to want to try something else. Today? I just want to hide under the covers and burn this candle lol
  9. LadyWolf0926

    LadyWolf's Whole 30 Log

    @Emma thank you! It was a nice meal and Mom was excited about how delicious everything was. Dad didn't understand why there were things considered non-compliant because "well, it's very lean", but Mom got it! She said yesterday she's still savoring the lemongrass sauce I served with the pork chops. I love her!
  10. LadyWolf0926

    LadyWolf's Whole 30 Log

    @Jihanna, you're absolutely right, but I'm hurting. Like really hurting, and I'm really just hating how bad I feel. It's scaring me, I feel horrible to the point of crying, I've got a wicked headache and I'm just not motivated (or actually too scared) to eat anything that's not compliant. Honestly not sure when I'm going to try something again. Right now, I just want the pain to stop.
  11. LadyWolf0926

    LadyWolf's Whole 30 Log

    D37 and I'm not digging this reintroduction thing. I'm going to do a mini reset and then seriously consider what I'm going to add back. So had a tiny glass of wine last week. Got up the next morning and ached all over. Drank a lot of water and, by the afternoon, I was fine. Tried honey and did okay but I'm not liking the taste of it in anything but tea. Fine; I'll put that one aside. Tried a 1/4 c of Lundgren's wild rice blend I had made for the family and got a lot of gut bloating, gas and leg swelling. I cooked it in bone broth I made at home, so not a lot of salt, but I felt it everywhere. Drank a lot of water, and by the next afternoon, I was better. Not great, but better. Saturday was my mother's 75th birthday so we drive to their house in the mountains, and rather than going out to eat, I cooked a fully compliant meal (she's was curious as to how Whole 30 food works) except for the Italian bread and birthday cake we had made for her (here's the picture). Vietnamese grilled pork chops, sauteed carrots, sauteed asparagus, roasted potatoes, salad with red onion, tomatoes, pears and walnuts in vinaigrette. It was delicious, and she loved it! Came time to cut the cake, and I had two bites. That was it. Two stupid bites. It was way too sweet for me so I gave my sliver of a slice to my husband who promptly 'saved me from the sugar dragon'! They only thing that mattered was Mom loved it, it was her favorite cake flavor and that she kept it. My husband helped pack it up so they could freeze half of it and save it for a treat in a couple months for their anniversary, and none of the cake came home with us. All day yesterday, I was achy and lethargic. I drank a lot of water and rested but still feel like poo. I just want to sleep. Thank goodness I still have food prep from last week because I didn't get jack squat done yesterday. I don't feel my tiger blood. I don't feel as crummy as I did before Whole 30, but I don't feel great either. I'm going to stay compliant all week. We don't have plans for Labor Day weekend, except for a Braves baseball game on Sunday. I'll deal with the one meal when we get to the stadium, but so far, I'm just not finding a whole lot of my former non-compliant foods that my body is okay with. So this week is a hard reset, and I'm not upset that I need this. Not one bit. I talked to my best friend about it, and she's in the same boat. So we're going to do this together, just like we did on W30. I'm looking forward to getting some of that tiger blood back!
  12. LadyWolf0926

    Starting July 16!! Successes and woes!

    I had this same issue, and like you, really want creamer in my coffee. So, I use Nut Pods with a little extra coconut milk, and I put it in the blender. It gives it a wonderful latte-like creaminess to my coffee that won't separate. When I first used it, it was separating like you mentioned and, yeah, it just looked nasty. So, the downside is I have to clean my blender daily; it's a pain in the butt. I am enjoying the heck out of my coffee, tho.
  13. LadyWolf0926

    Ann’s whole30 log - starting Tuesday 7/30

    Not sure if you've tried this, but maybe give some plain coconut water a try. If I feel a little "backed up" despite how many veggies I'm eating, a nice, chilled 16oz serving of this usually gets me back on track without the meds (I love it but I've got to drink it cold). The meds, for me, usually make it worse so I like the coconut water as a natural helper. Glad you're feeling good, clothes are fitting better!! Congrats!! Those are awesome NSV's!
  14. LadyWolf0926

    Starting July 16!! Successes and woes!

    Congrats Beckha99!!!
  15. LadyWolf0926

    LadyWolf's Whole 30 Log

    @Jihanna, thank you!! Great advice and options! I will definitely check that out! @Emma, I know! Why'd it have to be wine? Honestly, it wasn't that surprising. My friend, who's doing W30 with me, tried vodka and soda on Sunday and had a similar reaction. I got my water in, and I'm actually doing okay this evening without any pain meds. So, I'm making the conscious choice to enjoy wine, on occasion, in small amounts.