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  1. Definitely hope you are feeling better! And if you have a link to your website, I would love to see more of your food pics.
  2. I agree with what Shadow said; your meals sound delicious! I also keep forgetting to ask you the name of that soup place in ATL with the Whole 30 compliant soups. I have been craving some yummy soup, and if there's a good place in the area, I would love to try it!
  3. R3D4 was a very busy day. Conference call after conference call, and calls from home office co-workers freaking out about our new partners. I don't mind being a sounding board but it was a lot today, and this is the type of day that would totally throw me in to destructive eating habits. Food prep saved me today, and I was very grateful to myself for having done it this past weekend. Otherwise, today could've seriously derailed me. I had scheduled a facial late in the day, which I desperately needed and that actually got me to relax. I let the family deal with leftovers so I could have my
  4. R3D3: Man, am I tired, and it's making me feel discombobulated. I was completely distracted during my conference calls today, I had to ask my co-worker to repeat herself and my momentum (what I had of it) was gone after lunch. The headaches have stopped and the cravings are getting a little better, but because I'm sort of feeling "out of it", I'm catching myself as I start going through the motions of my non-Whole 30 habits. Like stopping myself from grabbing the french onion dip and chips for a snack. I'm not being hard on myself because I understand I'm just at the beginning of my 30 days, b
  5. Congratulations on your engagement!! My son just got married in December. It was very small with family and just a few friends, and it was just such a good time. Have fun with all the planning; so very happy for you!!
  6. This statement absolutely spoke to my heart. I struggle with this daily and do feel like W30 is what I need to help me learn a better reward/comfort outlet.
  7. R3D2: Day 1 restarted well. I had appointments out all day and didn't get back home until dinner time, so I was just completely exhausted. The appointments didn't run as expected, so I wasn't able to get back home for lunch, but thanks to food prep, I was able to grab something quick and get back out in traffic. Day 2 has been nice and quiet. I got a lot of work done both for home and office, and I liked not feeling rushed at meal time. My stomach finally feels like I've gotten past the soybean oil incident of last week. I am feeling tired and have a little headache, but overall not too
  8. R3D0: Today has been a good prep day. I got my menu planned for the week, made ghee and got my lunches packed up in the refrigerator. Spice pantry is now cleaned out of any non-compliant ingredients, and I was very happy to have my husband's help with this project. He helped me when I got sick from the soybean oil the other day, so he felt vested in the project. He also found out one of my vitamins had soybean oil in it, and I had NO idea. I had told my doc a while back about how the Vitamin D3 supplement upset my stomach, but he felt the benefits outweighed the side effects, but now we're goi
  9. Thank you! I didn't take in to account the NSV aspect of yesterday; I was just so ticked off, lol. I really appreciate you bringing that in to focus for me!
  10. R3D4 - I am so dang mad at myself this morning. I woke up this morning feeling not so great with stomach bloating and discomfort, and I immediately recognized the signs. So I went to the kitchen and checked the spices from last night's dinner and, dammit. there is soybean oil in the curry powder. I thought I had gone through my spice pantry and checked all of the spices I use and replaced those ones that had non-compliant ingredients; apparently not. I feel like absolute crap; soybean oil is a major inflammatory trigger for my body and gives me horrible upset stomach and pain. I am
  11. The pumpkin souffle sounds delicious!! Do you have a recipe you can post? I would love to try this!!
  12. R3D2/R3D3 - I got so caught up with work yesterday that I forgot to log my food, lol. Day 2 was a lot less eventful that day 1, and I recognized that I need to get my menu planning and food prep game in shape. I had nothing prepared on Monday, and while I stayed on track (yay me), everything felt like a fire drill. I got away with it this time; next time I may not be so lucky. I finished Monday evening with prepping food and menus for the rest of the week, and both yesterday and today, I felt more calm and relaxed. This is my busy season at work, so having what I need to stay on track is super
  13. R3D1 - Monday was Day 1, and (of course) motivation is high. This is my third round; my second round was a complete bust. Round 1 was a raging success, and I am anxious to get back to that place I was when I finished R1. I remember not wanting to go through reintroduction after R1 b/c I felt so good all the time, but I read an article by Melissa Urban that explained why reintroduction was so important. So I did go through "slow roll" reintroduction and finding those trigger foods was surprising. I didn't like reintroduction; all that "tiger blood" I had earned during R1 was gone. My join
  14. Love your goal setting!! I hadn't done that and now am wishing I had. Feel like I'm pulling teeth right now, so I'm going to take a page from your planning book and set those out for myself this weekend. Good job, Amy! You got this girl!
  15. R2D3: Three days down, twenty-eight to go **insert sarcastic two thumbs up**. My son has hit the KATT phase a little early, so he's a 'gem' to be around I'm feeling a little grumpy myself, but that could also be work stress. I'm such an emotional eater that sticking to W30 right now is just so freaking hard with all the external stress. Meal planning and prep is crucial to my success, and I'm slipping a little more than I'd like in that area right now. I'd planned to do more food prep this afternoon when I got home from work, but I was so tired that I just fell asleep when I sat dow