Still having stomach / digestive issues

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Hi, I have experienced great results in regards to weight loss, my body feeling better and improved digestion. However, I do not feel "Tiger Blood" I have no boost in energy and I am still having some digestive upset. I am also feeling a bit in the dumps emotionally. I am 100% compliant and I am on day 22. Gassy and burping is still common for me. Some bloating, even though it has dramatically improved. Is this just evidence that I need to go longer than 30 days?  

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First, have a read through this article about 'tiger blood'.

Second, gassy and burping and digestive upset could be caused by something you're eating on the Whole30.  Compatibility with the rules doesn't always mean compatibility with each individual.  Are you eating a lot of raw veggies? Lots of crucifers (broc, cabbage etc), lots of nuts, coconut etc...? Is there something you added into your Whole30 that you don't normally eat when you're not doing the program?

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Thank you for the link to the article. I found it helpful. Tigers Blood was the magical feeling of being unstoppable that I was looking for but I guess the way it is described in the article, I can say that I do feel so many improvements and little to no cravings. I am also on the downward swing so I guess I am in Tiger Blood zone. Which is great.

Only raw Kale, which is new, but I have been eating that the whole time. These symptoms have increased a little for me this weekend and now so it could be the almonds, that now that I think about it, the almonds do seem to cause this issue for me in the past. Raw broccoli causes this issue for me in the past so I have avoided that during this process.

Before whole 30, and still, I cannot eat beef (red meat), pork chops (ham is okay), eggs  or dairy. So trying whole 30 seemed like an easy step and it is so far. I find it easy to stick to. I miss wine, honey in my tea, rice and beans. Those were really the only additional things I gave up to be Whole 30 compliant. 

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