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Hi, how is everyone getting on? 

@Lili vizcardoyou must be nearly done now if you started June 1st? What do you think you will do after the 30? 

@Melinaka you started a few days before me. How has your week gone? 

my first 5 days has gone really well. Excellent food. I am noticing those familiar W30 things return much more quickly this time, such as waking early, waking hungry, feeling tired. I hope they don’t last so long this time as this is my 4th. I also notice the tiger blood rumbling already, which is brilliant because that’s what I want. As a result I have done 3 classes and run 2 times already this week and will do a class this morning and a run tomorrow as well. 
last night after a very difficult week at work, I would have really loved a glass of wine, but I refrained and I’m very glad I did. Today we have my nephews birthday and I know that there will be no food for me, so that will be interesting- I am going to take some fruit and other portable bits and eat before I go . 

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