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I’ve done several whole 30s and really changed my life starting in 2015. But I went through a horrible divorce after being married 35 years and had no clue anything was wrong. Add in the last year and a half of Covid and being home alone and I gained weight from bad habits.


i’m on day seven now no issues at all except at day six and now on day seven I’m having chronic diarrhea. is this normal? I didn’t have this in my other rounds of whole 30 however I have not gained so much weight before. I also was never a sugar person and the last two years I’ve really been a sugar- Holic. Thanks and advance for your reply…

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Sorry you're not feeling well!

It's hard to say what could be causing the digestive upset - 24/48 hours is probably not chronic, it could just be a detox happening or if you're eating a lot of something now that you normally didn't before (say for instance entire whole avocados with every meal or a ton of nuts/seeds).

If you want to give us a run down of your meals, we can see if anything stands out that you can add or remove that might help. Not every Whole30 compatible food is compatible with every Whole30'er so there might be something in there we can adjust.

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