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First round ever, binge eater.


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Ok so I'm a binger and a have an enormous appitite and capacity for food. I've spent my whole adult life yo-yo dieting, averaging 50lb gains and losses, on an annual basis.

I want to break the hold food has over me, so I don't have to diet any more.

Health and other issues 

Heart burn, not regular yet, but if i get any bigger it will be constant and daily like it used to be.

Sleep, average to disturbed.

Joint pain, knees and Hands are the worse.

I have been on and off keto for the last few years so the food choices are easy for me (except dairy lol)  I'm hoping that being able to eat fruit and carrots as fillers will help me. 

Oh and I'm 50 years old and firmly in the grip of peri-menopause, my symptoms vary but mostly there very simular to bad pms and morning sickness all in one, great fun. 

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I'm starting this log on R1D3 but a brief of day one and two.  

B- eggs and veggies in avocado oil 

L- smoked mackerel and salad with balsamic and avocado oil

D- chicken and lots of veggies fajita stir fry 

Snacked on fruit and carrot, several times during the afternoon, need to cut this down and finally out 


B- bacon mushrooms and eggs 

L- smoked mackerel and salad with balsamic and avocado oil 

D- roast pork, roast potatoes and cauliflower 

Snacked once on grapes in the afternoon, smell of pork roasting was torture, ate way more than I actually needed too. 



B- bowl of fruit salad, i know its not ideal but feels good, breakfast is more habit than necessary for me, it's afternoons I struggle. 

L- scrambled egg (3x med) cooked in ghee with a tin of tuna, lettuce to wrap and a side of salad veggies which I couldn't finish.

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Hi @Ferdinanthecatwelcome! I am a chronic binge eater too and this plan has helped me gain more control if it than anything I’ve ever done before. I have been doing this for over a year now and I do still get days where I eat more than I need to, but at least it is all healthy, nutritious food. 
I wish you the best of luck, I hope you enjoy the experience 

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Welcome @Ferdinanthecat!  Your story is very similar to mine.  51 years old, 50 pounds to lose (that I've lost and regained, though it was once 90), and long history of binge eating.  When I'm eating W30 and W30ish (paleo/primal), binge control is almost effortless.  When I fall off, I'm so quickly back to old habits.  The good news is that I keep adding more and more pro-health habits to my repertoire and spend less time in the binge cycle than I used to.  I've come to regard it as a process for myself and to understand that we are all on our own journeys, and it's ok that mine is imperfect.  

Your meals sound delicious!  Roast pork - yum!  I look forward to following along with you as you go through your first W30.  

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