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Whole30 Journey Round?


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Hi guys! Been here many times before! A lot of things have changed since my last round. I now have a second child! The last year and half have been all over the place! Child #2 has many food allergies so my diet until November had to model after his allergies (no dairy and eggs was soooo hard for me, his other allergies were more manageable.). Needless to say, after that restriction ended I went a little too crazy (so much cheese and runny eggs!!!!). Well it is now time to get back on the wagon! Part of me really misses my more healthy 85%ish Paleo diet. So i figured, let's break those food addictions/cycles and do a Whole30! I know I like the results and after the first week or so, it becomes a lot easier! This time will be more difficult cooking for food allergies (goodbye ghee hash browns/potatoes for anything he eats) but otherwise it should be fine. Also started working out again (training wheels, nothing too crazy) Looking forward to more energy and saving money because we will eat out less.

Day 1 (Today)

Breakfast - Make a ground chicken and veggie hash last night for the week. My son loves this (daughter not so much and the sausage she loves has dextrose in it so I might be making some for her and just not eating it myself. She is not a breakfast person so whatever I can get her to eat that isn't a doughnut is a success) I had mine with a runny egg over it and a side of pomegranate and coconut. Daughter had a rough day this morning getting to school so we stopped at a doughnut shop on the way to give her a bit of a break. They had vegan doughnuts for my son. I had a black coffee. Pretty easy to not be tempted day 1, but we will see next week. Fun fact! Son loves pomegranates! Pretty excited about that!

Lunch - Going to be a salad with pre made chicken (from Trader Joe's, just chicken, olive oil and S/P) and guac (forgot to buy avocados). I have the primal greek dressing. Expensive but I love that stuff even when not doing Whole30. Sure I can make my own for almost nothing but I figured would ease into the prep since I have been eating out way too much.

Dinner - Going to be fish tacos for the kids (hopefully son isn't allergic to fish! He's had fish before, but he had shellfish with no reaction before he had a bad one too...) I will have mine over cauliflower rice and slaw and more guac. Super easy dinner.

Also bought a few compliant snacks yesterday. Nuts, a few bars, applesauce, etc. Goal is to not snack, but as it is busy season I know I'll need emergency food for the office on the days I go in. Not really a fan of rxbars or laura bars to begin with, but it is better than starving. Will be more willing to go to the gym if I am not hungry. Definitely will bring whole foods as back ups and a container of coconut to add to a fruit cup I can purchase nearby but working tons of hours I know to expect the unexpected. The restaurants walking distance to the office will be hard to eat at.

Morning of day 1 I feel unstoppable! Not looking forward to the detox slump! I do not want to lean on caffeine if possible!

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Day 1 went mostly to plan. Son is definitely allergic to fish. Lesson learned. I did have two hard boiled eggs  after the kids went to bed. I didn't quite finish my dinner and the second he had his allergic reaction I scooped all his fish onto my plate and definitely got rice mixed into my stuff so I did not finish everything (probably like 90%.) I do think I should up my fat intake a bit as well. Part of that was probably due to the majority of the remainder of my dinner that got mixed with rice was the guac so I was probably lacking a bit there. I did have some joint pain in the evening, mostly in my knees and a little in my ankles. It is pretty uncommon for me, but it was also pretty cold. I feel like it is unlikely it is from the diet change less than one day in, though I do think in one of my last few Whole30s I did experience some joint pain near the beginning for a couple of days. More fat might help this too. Tomorrow I plan on going to the gym! I will definitely need to up my food intake tomorrow. I think yesterday was fine amount wise and the 8:30 PM eggs might just be because my kids eat dinner so early (5-5:30PM) that I might not be able to get rid of that or that may not have been an issue if I had finished dinner. I got my new fitbit set up Sunday night (old one died a few months ago). I did notice that my resting heartbeat is a little high (not dangerous or anything, just higher than it used to be). Usually it goes down during a Whole30. Hopefully less junk food and more working out solves that.  Sleep was pretty darn good last night!

Breakfast: Ground chicken and veggie hash and pomegranates with coconut. Definitely needed to eat a bit more. At least an additional egg or just more hash. I also need to make more hash if I am going to rely on it for the whole week. I kinda figured but I have lots of eggs and I have some extra veggies I can cook up.

Lunch: Will be another fish bowl with cauliflower rice, slaw, guac and salsa. 

Dinner: Making foil packets with sausage with the kids. I'll prep the veggies and my daughter can put what she wants in hers. Need to figure out my fat since I forgot the avocados. Might just drizzle more olive oil and call it a day or finish the guac and buy some avocados on Wednesday. 

Thus far, I feel motivated. Knee pain is gone from the night before but we will see if that lasts the whole day. I will definitely be making some tea in a bit

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1 hour ago, Mamatutu said:

I bought a net of avocado on Sunday, went to prep them for guacamole yesterday and they were all rotten inside... with those weird hard black streaks of flesh.  I was so disappointed. No guac for me this week.

Oh no! I bought some premade (super lazy I know) but it wound up being a good thing because I forgot to buy avocados in general! Whoops! I definitely need to pick up a few things at the store tomorrow. I definitely should have planned better.

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Day 3

So I definitely need to up the food in my meals. After kids went to bed yesterday I have a mini meal of prosciutto, half an onion and an egg fried in ghee. Super yummy. Like I said this might just be because dinner was at 5PM (and I know my breakfast was already light so it could just be a combo). Don't have the kids today so we will see if having meals at a more normal time will help with this. Good news is that the knee joint pain was barely noticeable yesterday. Didn't really notice it until the afternoon and I had to be thinking about it. Had a super minor headache yesterday (no need for meds and did not really bother me). Might be carb flu but it could also be no caffeine. Only had herbal tea yesterday and no coffee.

Breakfast: Ground chicken and veggie hash and an over easy egg. Had a busy morning so my pomegranate and coconut happened around 10:30. Good news is I was barely hungry when I ate it so adding an egg definitely helped.

Lunch: Will be another fish bowl with cauliflower rice, slaw, guac and salsa. 

Dinner: I packed a foil packet for the office (huge success, kids loved putting them together), but I will likely eat at Whole Foods salad/hot bar. They have options. Worst case I make a big salad. If I don't make it there, I will have my back up foil packet meal.

Hoping to do at least a little time on the exercise bike today. Brought some snacks to the office (some shelf stable and some refrigerated like hard boiled egg packets) for a pre workout snack, but quite frankly I don't plan on a large workout and will eat right after so I might just skip it this time. This week will definitely be experimenting with what my body needs.

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Slight headache again today. Nothing unmanageable. Definitely not due to no caffeine since I had a black coffee this morning, so I am guessing it is just a slight detox or carb flu. Might try upping potatoes/starchy veggies starting with dinner (Definitely going to Whole Foods and I know they have compliant roasted carrots/potatoes. My foil packs were lower on the starchy veggies. Daughter wished she had more potatoes and I did as well! Definitely will have a big scoop or two to see if that helps tonight/tomorrow). Not a big deal! Clothes feel less tight already so yay!!!

Also I am soooo thirsty! I have always drank lots of water but OMG! I woke up this morning and pounded 32 ounces of water and have felt thirsty all day. No idea how many ounces I am at but it has to be over 80 ounces and it is still early afternoon!

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Day 4

Last night did not go according to plan. Whole Foods was short staffed so they closed the hot/salad bar early. Not to worry! Their deli was still open. I had steak with a spicy chimichuri sauce, potatoes and mixed veggies. It was yummy, albeit cold since I ate there and worked. Headache seems to be gone as of yesterday afternoon. Not sure if it was carb flu or maybe lack of salt? I threw a ton of salt on my dinner and today's breakfast. I have naturally low(ish) blood pressure so salt has always been important in my diet. Knee/joint pain was back a bit last night, but I did spend some time on an exercise bike. It was also in my knee that has given me problems for the last 10 years so it really is not that uncommon. TOM came today so this morning I treated myself to Starbucks coffee. Way better than office coffee and feels like a treat compared to making my own.

Breakfast: Leftover steak and potatoes from last night with a side of onions, blistered tomatoes, and wilted greens topped with an over easy egg. Everything dripping the ghee....felt so luxurious. I was going to eat my pomegranates and coconut, but everything filled me up and I think there was enough fat with the ghee...sure it was used to cook it, but the amount I used was way more than what one would normally as cooking oil.

Lunch: Leftover foil packet and pomegranate and coconut

Dinner: Likely going to Whole Foods again tonight. I like working there and it is easy to be compliant there. I will probably skip the gym today and get there early to make sure I get my dinner! Gym would have been tough anyway. Have an appointment this afternoon so it would take a lot of time out of my work day and it is busy season. I want to be able to have fun with the kids this weekend without having to work more than 8 hours. Next week I should have more time to go to the gym and have some more active activities planned this weekend.

Bought some stuff to make chili (likely tomorrow) last night. I also found some compliant sausage (yay!) Both regular ground bulk Italian sausage (on sale), which probably means I can get it in casing too at the meat counter and some that hopefully my daughter would like for breakfast (chicken apple sausage). I know another chicken apple sausage that I can for sure buy as well, but I am pretty excited about the bulk sausage! Got a few avocados (unfortunately the only ripe ones were large bags of them and I don't think I can eat 6 of them in 2-3 days. I love avocados but I don't really have time to make guac and that's a lot just for me, so I just got a few that should be ready over the course of the next few days so none for me today) Did forget to buy compliant lunch meat. Kids want to do a picnic on Saturday. I will have to grab some before then.

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Oh and a NSV! Today my resting heart rate was back down to my old normal (61-65 bpm vs. 67-69 I had earlier in the week) and I slept great except to get up to use the restroom....seriously drinking so much water. Maybe the increased salt will help that.

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Yesterday was a disaster. Right before I went to go heat up my lunch, my daughter's school called to tell me she wasn't feeling well and needed to be picked up. By the time I sat down for lunch it was slightly after 3PM and I did not eat my pomegranate and coconut so I was definitely missing fat. Obviously did not go out to dinner with sick kids home (they were supposed to be at their dad's) plus I was not crazy hungry since I ate lunch at 3PM. After the kids went to bed I forced myself to eat the leftover slaw from my fish bowls and an over easy egg. Definitely not a complete meal but I was mainly trying to avoid waking up starving at like midnight! So a disaster, but a compliant disaster.

Also I am definitely also getting sick this morning. Today will be wonky. I planned to make chili sometime this weekend so I guess today is a good day for that. Can't really say what I'll eat today, but breakfast was pomegranate and coconut. Not very hungry but I'll try to have a few eggs later. lunch or dinner will definitely be chili. I have some salad mix and chicken leftover (and lots of random veggies) that I can have for the other meal. Hopefully my appetite sets in. I am definitely tired (sick tired, not Whole30 detox tired) I will update my official meals later.

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Good news! Finished my first week of my Whole30 successfully! Today was great. Everyone was feeling better so we decided to uncancel our snow trip and take the kids to the snow. They had a blast! Next time we will be more prepared, but it was a last minute decision to go (literally started packing the car at like 10 AM). Here are my last few days! Friday and Saturday I felt awful. It was a success just to get food on the table for all three of us!

Day 5 (Friday):

Breakfast: Pomegranate and coconut. Couldn't stomach anything else. Oh well. Not ideal, but also compliant.

Lunch: Chili with avocado

Dinner: Chili with avocado....too tired to make anything else. 1.5 hard boiled eggs with EBTB seasoning and mustard

Day 6 (Saturday):

Breakfast: Hashbrowns, two eggs and a warm "salad" of onions, blistered tomatoes and greens

Lunch: small portion of ground chicken and veggies (not very hungry and felt awful. It was already made so why not) Definitely started feeling better in the evening.

Dinner: Zucchini with red sauce and sausage "meat balls" and a side of roasted cauliflower. Kids loved the sauteed zucchini. This meal will definitely be made again. I did also give the kids pasta with theirs but it was a huge success!

Day 7 (Sunday):

Breakfast: Hashbrowns, two eggs and the last of the pomegranate and coconut. Pretty sad about this. I love pomegranates. Definitely missing veggies since potatoes are barely veggies but it is what I had.

Lunch: Small portion of lunch meat roast beef wrapped around avocado and a few carrots. Originally was just going to take the kids for a picnic but last minute decided to go to snow. My brother ate a few of my roll ups so definitely not a full portion and I was planning on eating more at home after our picnic. But made due with what was already packed.

Dinner: Very early dinner (like 3PM) at Chipotle. Had a chicken salad bowl. Unfortunately I did not see that the fajita veggies are now compliant so I did not add them to my bowl but I plan to use my son's leftovers in my breakfast tomorrow. Ate the whole bowl. I was definitely hungry. About to go to bed and I am still full. I did have about 1/4 of an orange my kids did not finish around 7PM, but that's it.

Lunch is packed for tomorrow at work. Ready for next week! Going to try to go to the gym tomorrow but I do have a ton of work to make up. We will see! At least today was very active!

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Day 8!

Feeling better today. Definitely going to be a busy day. Unlikely that I will make it to the gym, but brought my bag with me just in case. Feeling way better. No headache yesterday. Whooooo! Not sure if I am feeling better because I am eating better or because I am not sick. Feeling a bit bloated today compare to the end of last week. Meal plan for the day is as follows:

Breakfast: Had two eggs (I know a serving is supposed to be 3-4 but in past whole30s 3 was just is much. Wound up wasting a lot of eggs. I can reassess this time. I have hard boiled eggs at work in the fridge with me. I also had some peppers and onions and some coconut and cantaloupe.

Lunch: Last of the chili and half an avocado

Dinner: TBD, but definitely going to Whole Foods for dinner. I need to pick up more groceries for the week.


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Oh! And my resting heart rate has literally plummeted. yesterday it was 59, which it has not been since I was significantly more in shape. Maybe not the most exciting NSV but it is something tangible to show that this is making my body happy! Literally down 10 beats per minute in about a week.

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Last night I had chicken and broccoli with some lemon and olive oil dressing from Whole Foods. Super yummy. I did also have a snack around 4PM of two hard boiled eggs. Woke up this morning and literally look 5 pounds lighter. Bloating is definitely gone. Have noticed this morning I am a little out of breath but I also realized I had not had any water yet. Hoping that goes away with some water. Otherwise not sure why it is happening. Not a huge deal, just weird.

Breakfast: Grilled onions, squash, and carrots, with a few roasted potatoes fried in ghee with two eggs and a few blue berries

Lunch: Andouille sausage with carrots and tomatoes dipped in guac. Brought two sausages because they seemed pretty low in calorie (80 per sausage). I know Whole30 is not a calorie counting diet but I figured they may not be very filling to have just one or one and a half. We will see. It's a brand I have never had before but it was marked Whole30 compliant. Had a nibble this morning and it tastes fine, but I think there are better options out there. Good in a pinch I guess.

Dinner: Likely back to Whole Foods. Worst case I grab a burger.

Maybe gym for a tiny work out, but I think my next gym day will be Saturday.

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Had super minor heartburn yesterday afternoon. Weird, but I had a good amount of acidic and spicy foods. Not normal for me, but it was very minor. Dinner I had chicken and steamed veggies drizzled in the lemon olive oil dressing again. I did drink a fair amount of tea yesterday, but my energy levels are pretty good. The slight breathlessness was back this morning, but it seemed to go away yesterday and today with water. Definitely drank water immediately like I normally do. Not sure how I forgot yesterday until like 8AM!

Breakfast: Grilled onions, squash, and carrots, with a few roasted potatoes fried in ghee with andouille sausage and guac

Lunch: Likely random leftovers. I have some zucchini and red sauce left. Probably add a sausage.

Dinner: Making shredded chicken and roasted cauliflower and potatoes. Kids should be happy with that dinner as is. I have some BBQ sauce for the chicken. I'll add a bit of guac to mine for added fat.

Bloat is still gone and two dresses that did not fit beforehand do now! Yay!!!!

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Day 10 btw! Whooo! 1/3 done!

Lunch was so yummy! Had the zuchini, added onions, peppers, sausage, and covered in the red sauce and the few sausage "meatballs" I had left. I looked at it and was like this will be ehhh but my first bite I was like ooohhhh this is so yummy! Taste buds are definitely changing!

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So so tired. Pretty confident it is not the Whole30, but it is my busy season at work plus kids and I am just exhausted. Fell asleep at my computer last night at like 9:00!!! Stopped for a big coffee this morning (too tired to make my own. Ha! Not really but that's how I feel) My Whole30s during busy season I usually don't get the same "Tiger's Blood" because I am mentally exhausted (think working 60-70, and in bad years 80+ hours a week, plus I have 2 kids now). Usually I prep better on weekends for Whole30, but last weekend was weird and I just didn't. Today I think I know what I am doing, but it is subject to change.

Breakfast: Already had 2 scrambled eggs with lots of spinach and onions and a heaping scoop of guac.

Lunch: Primal Steak fajitas meal plus guac. I will likely serve this to my son too (just need to make sure it does not have any of his allergens. Otherwise he will get last night's chicken)

Dinner: I will likely have breakfast for dinner. Eggs, hash browns, guac (need to finish it today) and chicken apple sausage. Going to give the kids the option of that or me making more of the chicken they had last night. If I make more chicken, I might swap that for the breakfast for dinner. There definitely is not enough for my son to have for lunch, plus both kids and myself for dinner. Everyone is having cauliflower. We definitely have leftovers. Last time I made cauliflower my dad and brother polished off the tray!

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Day 12! Closing in on halfway done!

Last night I made sausage, onion and cauliflower hash with guac. Figured I needed to finish off all of the partial items and my kids ate soooo early that I didn't eat with them (literally at 4:30PM)

Breakfast: Chicken apple sausage and a pile of onions and spinach with a dollop of vegan pesto on top. Maybe not my favorite veggie side but at least it was something. Plus a few blueberries.

Snack? Grabbed an almond milk latte at the cart by work. No sweetener and checked to make sure their almond milk is compliant. Usually I order black coffee and every few months get something outlandishly sweet as a treat (think sweetened lattes, frappachinos, etc.) so having something that was kinda in the middle was a little weird, but it is good. Probably not an all the time thing, but nice to know their almond milk is compliant.

Lunch: Chipotle bowl. Going to try their new plant based chorizo. I liked their old chorizo (soy based) so hoping this one is good too.

Early dinner/snack/?: Planning on eating my leftover chipotle bowl and my primal fajitas leftovers. Going to take the kids to the park after school pick up so I will probably leave work around 3:15/3:30 and eat like right before I leave. Don't plan on getting home until 8PM or later so I am going to pick the kids up some food or buy them something at the park. Planning on not having compliant food for them so even if I am not hungry I plan to eat early so I am good until we get home (or quite frankly until tomorrow)

Verdict on the Primal frozen meal (for two, not the microwave bowls, which I also bought two flavors of but have not tried). It was fine. The meat was surprisingly tender. The spices are fajita spices but the meat was never fajita meat and it was kinda soupy. The veggies were just standard frozen bell peppers and onions. The frozen Trader Joe's peppers and onions are way better. It was also not really 2 servings. I made it into two by adding a huge scoop of guac, but if I was actually hungry (or like a guy, or had been active that day) I would be eaten most of it or the whole bag. For $10, I would have expected better. I could get the frozen TJ's veggies and thrown in some meat and spices on the fly and it would have taken about as long and cost about half the price (since this was a stove top one). Hoping the TV dinner style ones are better. I am curious about the "alfredo" meal since that is something I probably would never make on my own since the prep time would take longer. Likely will not buy it again. Good for an at home emergency I guess, but my dinner last night took about the same time to make and had like two minutes of prep and was just as good (and way cheaper). I would even prefer to get the pre prepped veggies at wholefoods and add sausage, egg, etc. That probably cost a similar amount and yielded bigger servings and tasted better and took the same or less time. Overall, it was what I expected. It was fine, but likely a one time thing.

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Day 13

Overall, just in a groove. energy is fine. Eating is fine. Nothing exciting.

Breakfast: Fried eggs, hash browns, cantaloupe and coconut. Maybe not the most to template meal since I really don't think the potatoes should count as a veggie, but it was yummy and compliant

Lunch: Frozen TV dinner style primal meal (chicken alfredo) This I would buy again for an emergency. Tasted pretty good and the equivalent meal would take longer to make. It was pretty small (290 calories and the volume was small). I added two hard boiled eggs a couple of hours later (mainly because dinner is going to be later so I wanted to have something before running errands and not because I was hungry). I would buy this while not doing a Whole30 for if I was in a pinch. Ingredients are very clean for a microwave meal (though it is pricey at $5 each)

Dinner: Whole Foods again. Need to go grocery shopping tonight too. I have like no veggies in the house.

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Day 14!

Almost halfway! Nothing remarkable. Still in a groove. Energy is pretty good, though I slept in today. Resting heart rate has not broken 60 since it dropped down to 69 bpm. Overall feeling pretty good. Going to the gym today.

Breakfast: Massive breakfast. Hash browns, Grilled veggies (carrots, onions, squash) I mixed with chicken apple sausage and most of an orange

Lunch: Chimichurri London broil with potatoes and veggies

Dinner: likely Whole Foods again

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Day 15! Halfway there (after today)

Feeling good. Slept like a rock last night. Woke up a bit tired, but did some prep for the week this morning. Going to do some more tomorrow. Yesterday I had some cravings for something sweet (super weird for me). I ate a comp stick and it did nothing for me so I had a larabar and that did it. Probably not good giving into a craving, but it was a weird craving for me. Dinner was whole foods chicken, spicy broccoli and onions and a small side salad with egg and baba ganoush. Super yummy.

Breakfast: Couple of small red potatoes, grilled veggies (carrots, onions and squash) and chicken apple sausage.

Lunch: prosciutto wrapped shrimp. sauteed peppers and onions and salad dressing to dip or put on the veggies.

Dinner: Whole foods or delivery. Depends on how work goes. A nice big salad sounds good and Whole Food's baba ganoush is compliant and adds the creamy hit in a salad.

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Day 16!

Last night was a bit chaotic. Ex decided he did not want the kids last night, so I picked them up in the evening so dinner was a bit chaotic. I had my leftover london broil and potatoes I was planning on having today, plus some blistered tomatoes.

Breakfast: Kinda small. The left over grilled veggies and a couple of breakfast sausage patties. Son "helped me" eat my breakfast. I know it was not enough but it should last me until lunch. He usually eats early. Also grabbed an iced tea and coffee this morning. It's going to be a rough day. Kid's bedtimes did not go well.

Lunch: Might try to make the chicken I was planning for tomorrow. Found a compliant enchilada sauce and am going to cook chicken thighs in it for the next couple of days with peppers and onions. If I am too hungry to wait, there is still a bit of the kid's chicken left and I will have that.

Dinner: Burgers. Mine will either be lettuce wrapped or on a bed of lettuce. Might pick up compliant mayo but I have tomatoes, caramelized onions, avocado, maybe crispy prosciutto if there is time.  This batch of caramelized onion is not as sweet as normal. I usually never put sugar in mine and they are super sweet. Think the onions I got this time were just not as sweet as normal. I obviously can't add sugar so I will just have to deal with it. Figured mayo might take the edge off.

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Day 17

Today has been off to a rough start. Breakfast was definitely not to template. I just was not hungry. Hopefully the rest of the day will go smoothly. Otherwise feeling good. Just did not want to eat veggies (or really anything) for breakfast

Breakfast: Two small sausage patties. Handful of blueberries a few hours later. Still not hungry but packed a big lunch.

Lunch: Salad with tomatoes, caramelized onions, burger pieces and ranch. Also brought two eggs to beef it up a bit if I am starving. Worst case there is a primal bowl in the freezer at work.

Dinner: Whole Foods. Do need to pick up some veggies for breakfast.

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Day 18

Dinner was hash browns, eggs and crispy prosciutto. One of my favorite whole30 meals, albeit, missing veggies. I was not really hungry. Lunch was big, but event at 8pm when I ate I was not hungry. Just must have been one of those days. Also, body is definitely changing and feeling super confident. Ordered a medium dress based on measurements (did not take them, but based on measurements prior to Whole30 and then I did take an inch or two off) and it was too big! Ordered the size down. Granted the material is stretchy so not really expecting to be down that much. Just guessing they have some vanity sizing.

Breakfast: grilled veggies and potatoes pan fried and two eggs

Lunch: HUGE salad. Same as yesterday but with less burger pieces, adding in crispy prosciutto and extra lettuce (essentially finishing the head of lettuce, tomato, caramelized onions and burger). Adding the two eggs like the day before. Likely going to eat it during lunch and over the course of the early afternoon

Dinner: I have something during dinner time. Quite frankly, not planning on eating dinner based on how full I was the day before from the salad. I do have emergency snacks if I need something. I do plan on some light exercise bike so I might need a snack. Could grab a burger from In N Out on my way back home if I am hungry after the meeting. I have options.

Feeling great. Sleeping pretty well. It has been pretty easy to get up in the morning. Definitely in a rhythm

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