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Hi all, I managed a Whole66 back in February 2015.  It feels like so long ago but I clearly remember how amazing I felt at the end of it.  I have 1 profile pic taken then where my eyes are bright, my skin is glowing and I just look so healthy!  So why so long to come back to it?  Well, 2 words, Mental Health.  I've had a very turbulent few years where my mental health has been fragile to say the least but I've figured out that a lot of that was to do with PeriMenopause.  I've been on medication to help me out for 4 months now and I almost feel like a human being again.  Now my head is clear and the hot flashes are a thing of the past (including endless sleepless nights lying in a puddle of sweat) I feel like paying attention to the rest of my body and nourishing myself back to health wholly.  I know that eating well will also assist me in getting 'better' and being in a good, balanced mood will make it easier for me to stick with it. 

This time around I have made a meal plan.  I started with one for 5 days and went shopping with a list, something I NEVER do usually.  I already feel a little more in control of what I'm doing, I feel calmer knowing that I have everything I need to see me through.  I'm not sure I could plan much more than 5 days in advance though :? I don't waste much food usually but I do tend to cook the same things over and over so this will hopefully also get me out of a culinary rut and try new recipes.  I've been pinning things on Pinterest all weekend and have found some fabulous recipes, I also reread "It Starts with Food" and the "Whole30" books and Googled Whole30 recipes so now I have a notebook bursting with ideas.

Today is my day one as I enjoyed the UK holiday season to the bitter end, culminating with Bank Holiday Monday yesterday and 'tidying' up the Christmas leftovers.  I spent 2.5 hours on food prep yesterday afternoon; my fridge looks incredible, full of Tupperware filled with colourful veggies, fruit and some prepared meaty things (homemade pate and burger patties).  So I have no excuses to do anything other than succeed at this.  I have planned and prepped and my head is in the zone.

Shout out to anyone else in the UK doing a January W30.  Drop me a line and say hi :)

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Hi, I’m doing my….5th? Whole30! I’m in the UK too. 
I Did my first in lockdown 2020 and then since then have done a fairly long stint of clean paleo with occasional strict w30s thrown in. 
Then in November/ December this year I have just lost the plot a bit. A difficult year and very difficult few months at work, I just felt really depleted. 
I was a lot more relaxed over Christmas than I wanted to be and as a result I gained weight and also I ache! I’m a runner and by reintroducing grains and dairy I have got slower, and have had a flare up on my plantar pain and hip pain (may be coincidental?) 

since Jan 1st I have been back on track. I already feel better. Not sleeping brilliantly, but my food has been great. Every w30 is different and I’m excited to see what this one brings. 

how are you getting on @Mamatutu? Was today your first day? 

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Hi Rebecca, yes today was my W30 first day and the first day I've really paid attention to what I'm eating in YEARS! Not that my diet was terrible but it wasn't mindful, not thought out, balanced or whole.  I'd say that 70% of what I was eating was the good stuff, I love meat/fish and veg and I always cook from scratch.  But when I cant be bothered I'm all out starchy white grain convenience food all the way... and that was becoming a greater part of my diet.  I turned 50 last year and my menopause symptoms ramped up to untenable levels but I looked at myself and realised I'd just stopped caring about my body entirely.  I'm regarding this W30 reset as the start of being kinder to my body and giving myself a good chance at enjoying another 50 years in it. I'm just looking forward to my neck snap, crackle and pops going away again like they did last time on W30.

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Happy to report that on Day 3 the neck crackles are still there but no cracks or pops. I also jumped out of bed with a huge amount of energy today although my wonky knee still made me limp a bit until it warmed up. I seem to be getting through the stages far quicker than I anticipated, I had a bit of a headache yesterday and was incredibly thirsty last night but other than that I feel really good... let's hope that continues and now I'm REALLY looking forward to how I feel at the end of 30 days!!!!

I've discovered an app called 'Ate' which is a very simple food journal but it looks at mindfulness when you eat as well.  The recommendation for me was to serve my meals on smaller plates, so I have been doing just that by using a side plate instead of a dinner plate for meals.  I know I have a big issue with portion control as I really like to eat LOTS of food but it's weird how a full plate fools the mind.  I've felt satiated and content with the amount of food eaten from the smaller plate.  My other goal is to chew my food.  I eat fast, I wolf things down and never contemplate the food going in my mouth.  I'm trying to appreciate the plate before I start eating and then physically count the number of times I chew each mouthful whilst mentally appreciating tastes and textures.  This one is going to be much harder for me as its a habit built on a lifetime of 50 years but I might as well use the 30 days to retrain myself in as many ways as possible to put the right things in my body in the right way.

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