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Activated You - Prebiotic and Probiotic morning drink - Ingredient List


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I am starting whole thirty this week and will be doing it for 6 weeks per my doctor's recommendation.  I have been reading a ton since visiting my doctor last week, but this morning I though about this mix I drink daily right now. I think everything in this is compliant - I just mix a scoop with water in the morning, but I thought I would ask for a few more pairs of eyes to look and see if anything jumps out as non-compliant. I searched the forums for a few words that jumped out at me but didn't have any luck finding them mentioned.  Thanks in advance for helping a first timer!

Activated You Ingredients.png

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17 hours ago, ShannonM816 said:

The monkfruit extract is a sweetener, so it's not allowed, and the rice hull concentrate would be rice, which is a grain and is therefore not allowed.


Oh dang! I completely missed that super small print! Labels are TRICKY! Thank you for the second look! 

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