Best snacks?

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Hi Cindie, from reading its start with food and freedom from food. Our meals are technically supposed to be big enough to tide us over for 3 meals a day. Or you can eat 4 smaller meals to get you through the day. I know for me my meal sizes have shrunk significantly because I was over consuming and stuffing myself. So, between lunch and dinner I have a handful or 2 of macadamia nuts, cashews, meat stick etc. The books also says to not rely on snacks and/or nuts except for emergencies. 


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Hi Cindie, the goal is eventually to make your meals the correct size for you to make it 4-5 hours in between. Pre and post workout meals are extra and if you are pregnant or breastfeeding then this is expanded as well. During the time that you are working out best meal sizes, we recommend you eat a mini-meal of protein and veg or protein and fat to get you through (chicken thigh and some avocado, half a burger patty and olives, hardboiled egg and sweet potato). We want to avoid grazing through the day and between meals because it doesn't give your digestive system time to rest and distribute the nutrients that it has accumulated.

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