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Amazed and VERY Grateful!


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Hi everyone, I just wanted to report that I have finished my first Whole30 and am now on week 2 of my 2nd. I have been so amazed by the results I have just continued on with the program.

8 weeks ago I was miserable, I take medication for bipolar which saw me gain weight almost instantly and to top it off I was a complete slave to the sugar dragon and used to self sabotage by binge eating frequently. I am a triathlete and ever since I started training I have struggled with nutrition and the "sugar laden" fuel endurance sports tell you to practically live off for workouts.

After starting my new meds in Oct and putting on 7 kilos in 9 weeks I basically gave myself a kick in the pants and said, do you want to be an obese spectator and feel sorry for yourself for the rest of your life, or do you want to be the hero of your own story and do whatever it takes to reach your dreams. After reading about Whole30 on a Beginner Triathlete forum thread I visited this site. I read about how many people in my situation (binge eaters) had beaten or at least tamed the sugar dragon. I honestly wondered if it was possible. In the end I decided what have I got to lose?

I knew it would be tough, but I stuck it out. Actually it ended up being a lot easier than I thought it would be. I kept telling myself, this is your fourth leg of your triathlon training, you need to stick it out. After 30 days the results for me are just nothing short of amazing! Whole30 has completely changed my relationship with food and I am no longer a sugar addict with cravings and blood sugar levels that were way out of control. I've since had blood tests (before and after) and I am no longer bordering on type II diabetes, my cholesterol is now in the normal range and my blood pressure is perfect. Not only that but the side effects of the medication I take for my illness have practically ceased also!

I no longer use food as a reward or punishment, now I see it as healthy fuel to get me through my day of training. I feel fantastic and happy, and no longer have that "guilt" roller coster of emotional eating interfering with my physical and mental health.

Apart from inner health & wellbeing, these are my results:

Lost - 7.6 kgs (16.75 lbs)

Lost - 2.5 inches off my hips

Lost - 4 inches off my waist

Lost - 3 inches off my chest

Lost - 1.5 inches off my thigh

Lost - .75 inch off my calf

Lost - .5 inch off my bicep

Lost - .75 inch off my neck

I am completely gobsmacked at just how amazing this program has been for me and friends and family are amazed at how much healthier I look. I am so happy with how I am now eating I'm staying on the program for another couple of months till I reach my goal (race) weight. In fact I have already decided it is my lifestyle from here on in. Even though it is stricter than I've been used to eating, I have not once felt deprived or hungry, in fact I am eating more "real" food now than I ever have and my energy levels are higher than they have been for a long time also.

I am training for my first Half Ironman at the end of the year and my first Ironman in 2014, I have no doubt now I'll reach my dreams thanks to this amazing program.

To Dallas & Melissa, thank you just doesn't seem enough for what you have done for me, but I do thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me to find that happy, healthy inner balance I've searched for, for so very, very long!

I highly recommend anyone who is thinking about doing this program or who is already doing it for the first time to buy the book, it really is very helpful in understanding the program better.

All the best to everyone who is eating Whole30 towards a healthier and happier life!

kind regards,


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