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Is this normal?

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Hi. I’m on day 11 and really struggling. I keep bursting into tears several times an hour all day for the last two days. Also I’m feeling so angry at the slightest thing. I don’t know if this is normal or whether I need to be looking at my mental health. My depression was under control before this. Please help.

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Aw geez, sorry you're not feeling well!

My first question would be to ask if you are eating enough. Are you following the meal template for all three meals and also having mini meals or snacks if you are working out or going more than 4-6 hours between meals?

The meal template calls for veggies, protein and fat at every meal and we also remind participants to make sure you're salting your food.

Maybe we can start with you listing out what you've been eating in the last little while and how that matches up to the meal template and see if we can make some tweaks.

No one here is a doctor tho so if you are very concerned for your mental health, reaching out to your provider is encouraged.

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