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An Amazing Kale Salad


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I just enjoyed an incredible kale salad! The base of the salad was lacinto (dinosaur) kale, apples, grapefruit, pepitas (pumpkin seeds), and I added avocado and raisins to the party.

Now, here is a disclaimer...the recipe I found online had a dressing that was not compliant, as it contains maple syrup.

Since this is a whole30 forum, meant to share compliant recipes, if you want the original recipe link, please PM me.

In the meantime, you could ABSOLUTELY combine these ingredients, and just use olive oil, orange juice and some apple cider vinegar for the dressing. Just make sure you massage the dressing into your kale. You know, massage it like you have known each other a long time :D .


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Okay I'm new to eating Kale in a salad (I've always cooked, sauted, or juiced it) Do you massage kale just by rubbing it with the dressing???

You can massage it while you clean off any dirt, then dry it, then massage in any dressing/oils that you want to use. Massage it and make it feel loved :D . It will return the favor back!

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When making a vinaigrette, use 1 part vinegar to 3 parts oil. Use that as a base and then go crazy from there! Someone on here once said if it smells good together, it will probably taste good together!

The dressing that came with this recipe is not whole30 compliant, but you could use the above ratios, and then add orange zest - about a tablespoonful, and some salt and pepper. You could also use some of the orange juice if you don't get enough of a hit from the zest.

Google "paleo salad dressings" and you will have a whole boatload of suggestions!

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