Beef Tongue?


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I bought 1/2 of a grass feed beef and have some cuts in my freezer that I've never cooked before. One of them is beef tongue. I think I remember having it as a child at my grandmas house and it tasted like roast beef with a different texture?

Is anyone farmiliar with beef tongue? It has a lot of saturated fat and b-12 in it although not all the info I found was consistent.

I know that it is used in a lot of Mexican dishes, but I'm not the biggest fan of peppers.

I would love some recipe suggestions and/ or info on the nutritional content.

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Both of those look good, and I have found a bunch of recipes, but I guess I want to know if anyone here has actually cooked and eaten it. My Mom reminded me that my Great Grandmother used to boil it and grind it up with mayo and pickles and use it as a sandwich spread. I do remember that, but without bread or crackers, I'm not sure that's a good option.

On the subject of mayo, I going to try and make it for the first time tonight! Wish me luck. I hear homemade mayo can be a fickle beast.

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I'm going to follow this topic as well. I was thinking about doing the taco idea (from Primal Palate) sometime in February. However, after failing miserably at trying duck livers/chicken livers, any talk of the texture being different frightens me. I'm interested in trying "alternative cuts of meat" but I absolutely cannot stand any texture different from normal meat.

Any input from people in regards to the texture would be great. Like, if I slow cooked the tongue, removed the "skin" and shredded it, would the texture be like normal slow-cooked shredded beef?

And unfortunately, I don't *yet* have a Sous-Vide machine, so I can't do the NomNomPaleo recipe that was linked. :(

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