I am about 3 weeks behind the timeline!!!!

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It seems like every phase of the timeline is taking triple time! I am on day 29 of the AI protocol...no eggs, nuts, nightshades, in addition to the regular whole 30. I hit the headache phase on day 19-23.... Then KILL ALL THINGS on days 24-27.....

oh, and the food dreams have begun!

Do I just continue and make this a whole 90???? Am I just doing something wrong? I have several auto immune diseases including hashimotos, pcos, celiac, and IR.

I have had no cheats...and I am actually enjoying my food.....lots of veggies, 1 serving of fruit, lots of good fat ( coconut, olive and avocados), meat, poultry and fish.

Anyone else slow going? I have noticed my workouts are stronger....and I have been making real progress in the gym. Weight wise??? I do not have much to lose...so I think my composition is changing.....

Mostly, I feel like I am just not finished as I I have not achieved the energy part, or the feel good part.....

Should I just continue until I break through???


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I am beginning to hate the timelines because they fix expectations and make you think something is wrong when you are really doing well. And I am beginning to hate the language of tiger blood. As an aside, do we all recall that the idea of tiger blood was popularized in our culture by an out-of-control drunk who got fired for misbehavior from his popular TV show? When your workouts are stronger and you are making real progress in the gym, you are already enjoying increased energy! I am afraid that expectations for some incredible superhero experience of energy has been set by "enthusiastic" language that fails to highlight real-world performance gains.

Having said all that, I was nowhere near ready to stop my Whole30 at the end of 30 days. I did not expect to feel better or become a genuine superhero, but I liked how I felt and wanted it to continue, so I just kept going. It was probably somewhere after 120 days that I relaxed and ate a bite of anything off plan. Many people need more than 30 days to resolve hormonal issues and to develop better control of cravings for unhealthy foods. With all the health issues you have identified, I think following the plan strictly for several more months would be a good thing.

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I second everything Tom said. I would also add "feeling the magic" to that list of expectations that people have. I would also agree that it sounds like you are already seeing many positive outcomes! My first Whole30 (a few years ago) lasted around 80 days and I have remained paleo since then and never have I looked back.

Food dreams can come at any time :) I have actually been thinking about toast of all things today (and I can't even remember the last time I had toast)!! Every now and then I dream about frosting (mounds of it).

Congratulations on following the AI protocol---that's a difficult challenge but hopefully you see some big improvements in your various AI conditions.

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Thanks for answering my whiny post :-). I really do not feel " there " yet, and I do feel very comfortable continuing on another month or two or three.....I am feeling better, even though I am more grumpy than my usual grumpy self. Because of my AI issues I had it in my head that much of this change would be somewhat permanent.....or at least mostly.

Thanks again!! I am not disappointed....I am determined to get healthy.


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