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Sunflower oil


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So, I am almost finished with my very first whole 30. I am doing ok... I have a few things i would like some help with- so i ask the forum...

First: I have been eating cashew butter (in moderation of course!) and somehow never read the label. Ugh! Anyway, I assumed I was good to go- turns out there is high oleic sunflower oil in it. On day 23 I was putting some on a banana slice and finally noticed! Not sure how this happened- ugh! So- I need to know just how bad this is?! Do I need to reset the 30 day calendar?!! Please help!

Thank you!

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Fieldhockeymom4 -

Take a deep breath - it ain't that bad ;0)

While seed oils are not the healthiest choice you can make for your body, they aren't specifically excluded on the Whole30 program. No need to reset the calendar unless you feel the need to, personally. Just look at this one as an exercise in the importance of reading labels.

It's amazing where things sneak in, no?

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