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Wine, chocolate, cheese, consider yourself slayed!!


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I finished my Whole30 on Jan 30th and towards the end of it had thought of continuing to do a Whole90 or 100, for a few reasons - I am really loving the food, I am feeling good, and I think I was a bit afraid to step outside of the safety of the rules.

I am however known for my spontaneous and fickle nature and my curiosity got the better of me.

I am so glad that it did because less than a week after my Whole30 I have had red wine, chocolate and cheese and they all tasted like s**t.

I cannot believe it, I am so happy! Here is the story of the wine, chocolate and cheese, if you want the success story scroll down to the bottom

Last Thursday and Friday night my baby slept through until 5.30am, meaning I managed to get 6-7 hrs of unbroken sleep both nights. I am an 8-9 hr kind of person, but I'll take anything these days when the 6-7 hrs has only happened five times in the past 8 months (yawn).

So on Saturday I felt like I could conquer the world after a bit more sleep (and also finally found out what the true Whole30 magic felt like once you get a bit more sleep haha). Perhaps this made me feel a little more daring, I'm not sure, or perhaps I finally felt I'd experienced the magic.

My husband had a glass of red wine that evening so I said I'll have just a little, he gave me 50mls, I drank it, didn't taste that great and then I continued with my peppermint tea which was far nicer in all honesty.

Me: 1 Wine: 0

At Christmas one of my friends bought us this packet of little round chocolate truffle things individually wrapped in coloured foil and my husband has been having one every day or so, they are little more than a centimetre in diameter. I said to him a couple of weeks ago "hey you're eating all of them, and it was my friend that bought them, leave some for me!" to which he replied "but you're not going to eat them anyway on your Whole30 thing"... "well I might eat them one day, leave me the pink ones!!"....

So on Sunday I was putting the almond butter back in the cupboard and I spied the pink chocolate balls so I ate one, waited for the "hit" and then the "oh I NEED to have another one"....nothing happened.

I waited....Sugar Dragon? Where are you?...Silence.

I immediately went through to the living room and said to my husband "see those chocolate things? are they actually nice? I mean, you know how sometimes you get these chocolate Christmas tree decorations but they taste terrible? well are those little balls like that or are they good chocolate? Because I don't remember chocolate tasting like that, I mean I don't even want another one - whats that all about?"

As I am waiting in suspense....hubby answers "yes they are really nice chocolate" and I go "yippeeee!!!! I don't like them!!!"

Me:1 Chocolate: 0

Fast forward to today - had the cheddar cheese out the fridge, making lunch for kids, decided to taste a little, probably half a centimetre cubed, as soon as I tasted it,it was far too rich and yucky then I really noticed the way it all stuck to the roof of my mouth when it all melted, didn't like the sensory aspect of it at all.

Me: 1 Cheese: 0

So there you have it - wine, chocolate, and cheese, the 3 biggest things I had to "sort out" in my Whole 30 and I succeeded. A lot of my relationship to these was around "good times", "relaxing", "socialising", "a wee treat" etc but I have enjoyed my life just as much in the past month without them, therefore the reality and logic of that speaks for itself.

When I am tired, I don't need them to cope.

When I am frustrated or stressed, I don't need them to cope.

When I feel sad or upset, I don't need them to cope.

And apart from that.......

  • I lost 12 pounds and one dress size
  • my skin looks great I don't wear make up now apart from concealer for my mummy lack of sleep dark circles hehe
  • my energy levels stay constant all day
  • I don't get hungry starving and can wait a bit
  • I am performing better when exercising and feel fitter

Now I just need a 30 day "get your baby to sleep through the night" program......

I am going to keep going because my body is telling me this is the type of fuel it wants.

Congratulations for getting to the end of this!

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