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beef broth from non-pastured bones

Liz Fogo

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I want very much to start using homemade beef stock daily for digestive help. I'm having a flare up of IBS (full disclosure, I'm not on a whole 30 - am trying very hard to work up to it but am dealing with other issues at the moment) and other stomach issues. I figured if anyone would know the answer to my question, you guys would. I DON'T have access right now to pastured/grass fed bones. My local meat market does sell soup bones though. Will I get benefits from using those for the time being, or is there something super awful about what I have available to me (much in the same vein as say...you don't want to eat the fat from non pastured meat because of the level of toxicity) that would make it a bad idea to just go ahead and use those?

Thanks for any input.

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