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Is paracetamol ok?


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Hello there

I'm being sick 3 days now, with the flu. I think this has nothing to do with whole30, it's my 3 years old son who first was sick, and maybe I got it from him, or from someone in the doctor's waiting room (there was very much folk there, all of these sick of course, and as I heard there is a flu pandemic over here...)

It hurts a lot, all my body is sore, it had been yesterday and the day before, and it is today too (a little less today).

This night it was hurting so bad I couldn't sleep any more! Couldn't find a position that would be restful, so at 3am, desperate, I was almost crying!, I finally decided to take 1g Paracetamol.

And ho boy it helped a lot! I went immediately back to bed, listened to a mp3 yoga Indra for sleep aid, and as soon as the paracetamol began to have its effects I fell asleep! Thank you God!

I woke up some time later because I was all wet, all my body was sweating!

I think this good news and it means I was excreting the "bad sweat"?

I could fall asleep again immediately

I'm feeling much better today, though my body is still sore (but less than yesterday)

I'm on day 16 of my whole30 today

I think the clean diet is helping much too.

My question is: I've taken a non natural drug, so do I have to go back and restart my whole30 from day 1 today?

What are your opinions?

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Thank you Tom!

I feel better knowing that I didn't compromise things.

I hope I will get better soon!:)

Well, my husband, who has studied and worked as male nurse earlier in his life, said I could be so worse than I am, so I can only think that a) I'm especially resistant, B) I'm way not finished with it, c) I'm coping better than the average because of this whole30

I'll vote for #c)! ;)

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