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Day 1, February 16


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Rise and shine! My name is Juliette and I am new. I am 43 years old and live in MD with my husband. We have a cat and dog. Most of the time I live a pretty healthy life that includes quiet time, exercise (lifting weights/sprints/walking) and eating healthy (so I thought).

I have no doubt that sugar and refined foods are huge triggers for me and once I start I don't have a stop button so I am really looking forward to elimating it from my life, period. Sometimes I can control it and sometimes I can't, but I don't want to continue to take those kind of chances. Either way it brings me is misery. If I control it I am constantly thinking of it and then I am totally sidetracked and self absorbed.

The past 3 days I binged out on junk food, which is rare for me. I allowed PMSing and people pleasing to get to me and decided to soothe myself with junk food...what a joke! Junk food is far from soothing. I feel a little hungover today.

Yesterday I cleaned out my cabinets and went to the grocery store. I am ready for action. I have been shopping and preparing my food for 8 years now so I pretty much have that part down to a science. My biggest hurdle will be letting go of the food and bathroom scale. I have weighed and measured my food for years so today is a big deal since I am not w & m. Last night I put the scale away along with my stevia, oatbran and flaxseed. Who knows, maybe after Whole30 I will be willing to throw it all away?! I trashed the yogurt and cottage cheese. As far as the metal monster (bathroom scale) that is put away as well. Not weighing myself is going to be hard, but I am willing because I am tired of allowing that number to make or break me. The next 30 days will be about focusing on my insides.

Have a nice day!


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nice to meet you J... i started my W30 journey Feb 15th.. and putting away my scale was absolutely necessary... this is the third morning in a row i haven't weighed myself... i am having to find meaningful things to base my self worth on rather than the number it blares out at me... the "metal monster" (love that term) is yelling at me from the closet.... it's taunting me.... "hey jojo how is that new plan working?"... "what if you don't lose ANY weight?"... what if you GAIN WEIGHT??.... hey jojo.. i'm HEEEERRRREEE... just open the door and take me out... SO i opened the closet door and told the damn thing that it was DAY THREE and to shut the hell up... went to the kitchen and had some chicken and a clementine... (i understand day four is where i may be very cranky.... if that thing is noisy tomorrow i may take a hammer to him... and i told him that too)

good luck in your journey and keep posting so we can all share your success!!

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