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Day 30 TODAY!

Kenneth Sarnoski II

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Today is my Day 30 and am feeling better than ever.. My stats..


6' 2"

Pre Whole30 Weight 235

Day 29 Weight 218

I understand that weighing yourself is not recommended however I am a bit stronger than that....

My daily workout simply consists of 20 mins on the treadmill, uphill and at 3.5mph.. Thats it.

After today, I plan on staying with a Paleo lifestyle but a bit more strict (less whole30 strict).. Somewhere in between..

Starting Crossfit this week. Ultimate goal weight is 200lbs and/ or 10% bodyfat.

To say the least, this has changed my life.. Dallas and Melissa deserve some sort of award IMHO.. I will never go back to the old ways..

Hope to make a great contribution to this site and whatever else lies ahead.


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The most noticeable results was the inflammation which disappeared from my body. I cannot recall which Day it was gone, my best guess was around Day 10..

I feel somewhat different.. More energy, not tired around 2pm, in love with straight up black coffee, I used to dislike it (hate actually) however dont like using that word.. REAL food tastes so damn good.. I love cooking, my wife is very thankful for that and have come up with some really cool recipes because of this lifestyle change.

My wife went along with me and while battling Anemia early on she has overcome that with the help of iron pills and better eating habits. She has asthma too and has yet to use her inhaler the entire 30 days.... She didnt have much weight to lose, however I think she lost around 12lbs total which for her is quite a bit..

Overall, the most noticeable is the inflammation and energy.

I forgot to mention, probably the most important part of this... I was on 2 pills a day for my Hypertension. Losartan/ hctz and another, I cannot recall the name at the moment becuase I took myself off of it, while monitoring myself of course.. So, 3 actual medications. I am still on the Losartan/ hctz as I do not want to get off it without going to talk to the Doc. I DO notice sometimes I get really light headed after working out, bending over to grab something low out of the cupboard etc.. I almost passed out once or twice.. I may not need to be on any meds right now, however will see what the Doc says.. If I took myself off of the other pill prior to Whole30, I'd check my BP and it would be 145/ 95. Now, without it I am 130/75....

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