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burning hip... is it an electrical reset??

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Last night i was watching tv... all of a sudden i got a very sharp stabbing pain in my right hip bone.. down where the femur bone goes into the socket... on the outside... it felt like maybe a spider bite... and then there was this burning pain... like nerve tingles on crack... i have never experienced anything like this before... there were no signs of anything.. no bite .. no marks of any sort... (perhaps a wee bit of cellulite)... i rubbed it out and it started feeling better... took a couple of ibuprofen... went to sleep an BAM.. 2am it happened again... i got up and took more ibuprofen and put an ice pack on it and managed eventually to get back to sleep...

i discussed this with my physical therapist.. (whom i am seeing rehabbing a shoulder surgery... yes i'm a hot mess).. and she said it sounded like an electrical shock that our bodies sometimes do... i mentioned i was doing this elimination reset program... and she thought that i could be possible that my body was reacting to it... that my electrical system was shorting out and may need time to reset on the right circuits...

has anyone else experienced anything like this?? i am on day 6 and was eating fairly paleo before i started with the exception of major sugar/sugar substitute intake.... normal or not??

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