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Hormones and things


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Have you tried adding in some fermented foods or probiotics? That generally helps with digestive issues. Use the search button the Whole9 homepage and a great article should pop up. Go slowly when starting out with ferments though.

WIth the hormones I would give it time. Keep on nourishing your body. It can take a LONG time. Those hormone tests drive me nuts. I had not had a cycle in years and the levels came back normal. When I switched from a SAD to a Weston A Price diet it took me two years to get pregnant. After that I still had irregular cycles. When my daughter was five I finally started to get them every 60 days or so. I then went paleo and got pregnant 6 weeks later!

I know how frustrating this can all be but just keep treating your body well. Eliminate any chronic cardio, maybe add in some yoga or stretching, and relax (as much as possible).




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Yes and yes. Kombucha, home made sauerkraut... All over it. I even bought some cultured goat milk, of all things (it was actually pretty good). I've seen paleo for women, but there's so much info I haven't made sense of what it can mean for me yet. And heavens, chronic cardio! I don't miss it one bit :)

Back to yoga class, I guess...

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This may be random, but have you had copper and zinc levels taken? Zinc is critical for proper hormone function - it's needed for a gazillion enzyme functions, so without adequate amounts, the body doesn't function properly. Cooper and zinc go hand in hand, meaning if one is high, the other can be low. If things started changing around the timing of the IUD, might be worth asking to check if you have too much copper in your system. Zinc is also really important to heal the immune system and the gut. I'm low in zinc and seeing some improvements with supplementation, but still have a ways to go.

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It's really only been a few months since you went off of hormonal BC to non-hormonal. It is definitely within the range of "normal" for it to take a good 6 months for your body to level back out. As long as the placement of the IUD has been checked and your certain it's safely there, I would not be worrying too much about the absence of a period. Also, it is a common experience with the copper (non-hormonal) IUD for women to have significantly decreased periods. When I say decreased I don't mean it doesn't come, I mean the duration and flow are significantly decreased. If I were in your shoes I'd just enjoy not having to deal with a period for now!

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I hadn't heard that about the copper IUD- I've heard it can decrease or become absent with Mirena, but usually increases and is painful with copper (as I have experienced personally).

My first thought would be wondering if you are still adjusting from coming off the hormonal BC. I hope you get it figured out soon, I know this sort of thing is stressful! And stressing about it probably makes it worse!

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