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Help: Need a High Heat Cooking Oil

Michael K

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Besides Coconut or Avacado Oil!

My wife hates coconut and avacado... She wants to use Canola, Soybean or Sunflower...

I figure lard or tallow would be good, but I have trouble finding any at Trader Joes or Harris Teeter in Virginia.

I could get tallow from meat shippers but I haven't done that yet so I have little confidence in that.

Any ideas? HELP!


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Ghee is another cooking oil choice. I buy mine locally, but you can get it online too. Ghee, of course, is cooked clarified butter. I made my own beef tallow last year by cooking down a few pounds of fat my butcher gave me. I liked it okay, but tallow splatters a bit when cooking with it in a skillet. I use ghee instead now.

Here is my tallow story... http://www.wholelife...nt-cooking-fat/

By the way, quality matters when it comes to coconut oil. I've tried some cheap oils that I did not like. Currently I buy the Nutiva brand of coconut oil and love it.

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